What is Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR)?

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) indeed is referred to as the progression of Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) technology. While documents are in process, the ICR Software allows computers to learn different handwriting styles and fonts. It explicitly targets words and phrases in a sophisticated manner.

ICR – Intelligent Document Reading, information is extracted and classified from scanned documents or images based on the processing using Artificial Intelligence (AI). ICR reader is a famous DMS technology for figuring out and decoding handwriting, based totally on artificial neurons. The changes and modifications in this subject field are consistent, which includes probability with time to make technology more reliable.

How is ICR Different from OCR?

Businesses receive a ton of files through emails along with PDFs, JPEGs, spreadsheets, and different kinds of documents. The variety of formats makes it laborious to procedure these statistics OCR technology is getting used for sharp-witted automation.

ICR Reader

  • ICR lies under the umbrella of OCR technology.
  • ICR is habitually set up to spot handwriting.
  • It can identify motley handwriting and its style.
  • As it is an advanced technology, it captures more details.

OCR Technology

  • OCR is an immense technology.
  • It primarily focuses on printed documents.
  • It can read handwriting but cannot read complex fonts.
  • It cannot include details in the documents like signatures.

How Can an ICR Reader Help Your Business?

During the age of technological advancement, techniques for using new technologies in the current global business environment have additionally improved. In recent years, digital technology has been used by more and more companies to automate workflows and streamline processes like bill payables, purchasing, and more.

Previously, photo capture technology could record picture documents. Then, new advances in photograph indexing and individual popularity took that to the subsequent level via capturing the information on a report. Rather than just having a static photograph, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) generates a file that you can search and edit. Using OCR proved helpful and less complicated for businesses, to digitize paper documents and process digital files.

Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) makes a huge difference in businesses in terms of accuracy, those which are digitized or still used to work with paper files. In case of your organization is going online, and you still need to work with paper documents that include handwriting (consisting of invoices, purchase orders, or other documents), then the ICR reader will help digitize those files.

Implementing an ICR reader helps reduce errors in documents. As a result, the processing time is lesser, and the errors are detected and corrected much quicker. That means a better experience for both your employees and customers. Employees don’t have to spend valuable time doing these time-consuming tasks like verifying scanned documents.

How ICR Reader is beneficial for business

ICR may be a self-learning innovation, that implies each time it gets an introduction to new penmanship styles and textual styles, it learns, adjusts, and interprets data to computerized databases way better.

It can provide the listed benefits to the business;

  • Maintenance of Electronic Records

It is profoundly advantageous in keeping electronic archives secure from natural dangers. It may be a down-to-business and versatile arrangement for the companies.

  • Better Integration with other Technologies

Large ventures are selecting ICR reader with distinctive translation strategies that can be coordinated with currently existing technologies.

  • Enhanced Data Verification

The ICR reader comes with fast information certification that disposes of the requirement for manual information entry. In that way, workers can spend their time, vitality, and abilities on other top-priority assignments.

  • Secure Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is more secure when uploading information with intelligent character recognition solutions and organizations can securely protect data from authorized access.

Top ICR Software in the Market

A2iA Mitek

A2ia, the leader in AI and picture analysis, has been acquired by Mitek Systems, the organization that provides advanced character confirmation solutions. And, makes it capable of manually written & printed content recognition solutions for both mobile & desktop.

A2iA Mitek’s ICR software is a part of a three-pronged approach that is capable of working simultaneously with IWR (Intelligent Word Recognition) and OCR Technology.


A high-performance and scalable image recognition solution using OCR and ICR reader are provided by this tool. It offers quick and exact ICR for document clump handling with a tremendous sum of database easily for both web and cloud applications.

Wrapping Up

In-depth examinations can be conducted by capturing paper information and converting it into machine-friendly forms by using intelligent record recognition software. The combination of both the OCR and ICR is also very subsidiary for the organizations because they can compensate for each other’s weaknesses to improve the results.

As software updates and performs better with more data, users benefit from the ability to present ICR models. Whenever the ICR reader peruses transcribed textual styles, it gets superior at foreseeing modern composing styles and consequently updates its database.

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