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YouTube Video Remarketing

The Google Display Network encompasses literally millions of websites, reaching 83% of unique Internet users around the world, according to Google. That includes people speaking more than 30 languages in over 100 countries. Websites include Gmail, YouTube, and other high-profile Google-owned properties and partners like

The ads you display can be any of the types supported for a Display Network campaign—from simple text ads to small or large banners, half banners, buttons, skyscrapers, and leaderboards, among others. You can add this remarketing list to an ad group with standard text ads or display ads created in Display Ad Builder.

These campaigns may use either CPC or CPM (cost per thousand views) pricing. To begin remarketing to your YouTube viewers, step one is to link your business YouTube account to your AdWords account. Step two is to establish video remarketing audiences in AdWords. The granularity of audience targeting with YouTube and AdWords, based on interaction with your content, is quite powerful. When building a remarketing list, you can include (or exclude) anyone who:

Viewed any video from your channel Visited a channel page (without necessarily viewing the video)

Viewed any of your videos as an ad

Liked any of your videos

Disliked any of your videos Commented Shared

Subscribed to your channel Unsubscribed

Viewed a certain video or videos (from a channel other than yours)

Viewed certain videos as ads Liked certain videos

Disliked certain videos Commented or shared certain videos

You’ll manage video remarketing lists from the Targets tab in AdWords for video.

When your remarketing list has gained interactions from at least 100 YouTube viewers, you can add it to a targeting group.

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