Because the area is decorated with wooden floors. In addition to being durable house building company บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน It is very popular because the wooden floor gives a warm feeling, so it is popular for flooring. especially in residential There are both hardwoods and softwoods to choose according to their preferences. Hardwoods can be classified by tree species, such as Redwood, Padauk, Teng, and softwood such as Teak, Makha, Tabak, etc. In foreign countries, hardwoods are oak, maple. l, brich, peken and cherry wood The softwoods are pine, glass fir. and hamlocks, etc. Bamboo is a fast-growing wood, therefore it is a product with the properties of a renewable resource (LEED MR Credit 6 : Rapidly Renewable Materials).

Durability and beauty depend on the type of plant, so each plant is graded and priced differently. Also, the same type of wood may have different prices. Depending on the quality of the wood or defects of the wood Things to avoid, such as eyeballs, irregular colored stripes, specks, cracks in the wood splinter, etc. You should check with the manufacturer for quality, color and pattern.

Code of relevant associations in the United States.

NOFMA National Oak Flooring Manufacturers’ Association

WWPA Western Wood Products Association

SPIB -Southern Pine Inspection Bureau

MFMA Maple Flooring Manufacturers’ Association

NHPMA Northern Hardwood & Pine Manufacturers’ Association

Flooring is available in slats, planks and parquet.


Floor planks are slats that are over 3¼” (85) wide. When laying each plank, it is fastened to the joist or supporting structure with small head nails or without slanting heads in the side thickness. and the end of the sheet in order not to see the nail marks on the top of the sheet Or may use a nail with a head hammered into the top of the sheet. By sending the nail head sink into the wood and filling the nail head with a chalk to cover the nail mark Some types of planks are made by pressing thin pieces of wood. many pieces together It is designed to be attached with glue. Usually the overall thickness of the sheet is not as much as the first type. However, the supporting structure must have a smooth and even support surface, such as polished concrete.


The parquet is available in both individual pieces. Apply to the desired pattern at the job site. and the assembled form is a unit with grooves and tongues from the factory.

  • Sometimes parquet is assembled into a pattern per unit by compacting a short piece of wood. many pieces together This is usually a 6″, 12″ or 19″ (150, 305 or 485) square with a thickness of 5⁄16″ (8), which may be coated and painted. or come decorate later But there will be grooves and tongues to complete.
  • wooden slats into the tongue There will be a groove at the end to allow the tongue of the other sheet to interlock.
  • Sometimes the underside of the plank is notched to form a double edge. When installed on the floor, it will not wobble. Because sometimes the crossbow is not smooth throughout the page.
  • Edge trim without grooves, horizontal wood grain.
  • Edge trim without grooves, vertical stripes.

floor slat

Floor slats usually have a 3¼” (85) face or smaller.

  • Face size 1½” 2″, 2¼”, 3¼” (38,51,57,85)
  • Thickness size
  • Used to support lighter 3⁄8″, ½”, 5⁄8″ (10,13,16).
  • Medium support 25⁄32″ (20)
  • Heavy duty support 32⁄32″, 41⁄32″,53⁄32″ (25,33, 41).
  • Width 3¼” to 8″ (85 to 205).
  • The thickness is similar to the thickness of the floor lath.
  • A slab is made up of three or more layers of plywood, where the slats are bonded together with water-repellent glue so that one unit is often grooved on two adjacent sides. and will make tongues on the other two sides. to take advantage of the bonding
  • Three or more layers of plywood are bonded together with waterproof glue to maintain their shape. When 3 layers are assembled, there are grooves and tongues on two sides. due to overlapping between layers

Paving stone

Stones that are suitable for flooring for building a house รับสร้างบ้าน are sandstone, limestone, marble, granite and slate, which should be considered in terms of color and texture. as well as the roughness and smoothness of the stone when designing stone surface decoration. The structure must be designed to support the weight of stone that exceeds that of conventional finishing materials. A stone ½” (13) thick typically weighs approximately 7.5 ft² (359 Pa).

Paving stones are similar to tiling. This will place as many sorts as you want. and paved on cement mortar or sand mortar Or it can be covered with a thin layer of cement and glue. If the surface of the bottom of the stone slab is smooth enough

  • The slabs come in different thicknesses from ½” to 2″ (13 to 51).
  • Grout
  • Mortar with 1″ to ½” (25 to 38) thickness reinforcing steel grating.
  • Waterproofing sheets or waterproofing sheets are placed on top of plywood.
  • concrete floor
  • Long slabs are ¼” to ½” (6 to 13) thick.
  • Latex Grout (Acrylic) Adhesive Some manufacturers may attach the slabs together with accessories.
  • At least ¼” thick latex cement (6)
  • Waterproof cement board is placed on the plywood foundation.
  • concrete floor

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