Wood engagement rings are a great alternative for people looking for a unique ring that fits their style. Wood is flexible and has the perfect amount of natural beauty to make it an attractive choice for someone who wants something different than what is typically ventsmagazine seen. One of the best things about wood rings is when bought from the right manufacturer, they allow you to choose your own color, size, shape, engraving options and more!

If you’re like most people today, then the last thing you want to do is blend in with the crowd. It seems like everyone is seeking ways to stand out, and of course get the most likes and reactions on social media! We’re not crazy over here. And if you don’t believe us for some reason, just go look at how crazy gender reveals have become…

Anyway, that’s probably a few years down the road for you, so let’s get back to the present: wood engagement rings.

Everyone wants a beautiful engagement ring that gets all the compliments! The last thing you want to hear when you’re showing off your engagement ring is that it looks just like someone else’s. And we have a solution for you!

Now, this may not be for everyone, but they can be highly customized, so it can be for just about anyone. So let us introduce you to the some of the many reasons people are choosing wood engagement rings when a unique ring is a top priority.

First, you get to choose the wood, which means getliker you get to choose the color. And in case you’re not familiar with wood, there are many types of wood in varying shades, which means there are way more color options than metal rings! Plus, some wood ring makers will even stain the wood a specific color for you, opening up nearly endless possibilities!

Second, you get to choose the size and shape. How tall do you want the ring? How thick do you want your ring? What size do you want? And do you want the comfort band option on the inside? When custom ordering a wood ring, you literally get to decide every little detail! Not sure which size you want? There are many guides online to help you, like this one.

Third, you can customize it. Want it engraved? Get it engraved with a special word, date, or design, inside or out! We mentioned earlier that some wood rings can be stained, but did you know you could also mix woods, or other materials? So, you could have two different types of woods in your ring. Or you could even have an inlay of another material like malachite (stone) or even a diamond.

Wait, you can get a wood ring with a diamond in it? So, you can marry a custom, totally unique to you ring with a traditional diamond ring? Absolutely!

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That’s what we’re trying to help you understand! When it comes to wood engagement rings, the opportunities are endless!

So, if you are looking for a unique engagement ring option, consider wood engagement rings as an option. You’ll thank us later, and we’ll smile about it.

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