Do you like running? If you are a running aficionado you would have already heard about the new craze that is captivating the world, the virtual running using apps. There are many apps that provide assistance for your running inside the enclosed space. However, the world is going gaga over this new online running app called Vingo. There are many reasons why everybody loves this app. Find out the top 5 reasons why you will also fall in love with Vingo.

Augments Your Running Sessions

The Vingo app makes your ordinary indoor running session into an extraordinary experience. You will still be inside the comforts of your home but you would not feel the same. The app creates a virtual world where you can explore. It creates engaging and exciting gameplay for you. You might wonder, how can an ordinary app do this? 

Create Your Digital Avatar in Minutes

With Vingo, you can create a digital avatar of yourself within minutes. You only need to have a good image of yourself to create the avatar in minutes or even in seconds. You can take a well-lit selfie of yourself and then upload it in the app. The app will create an avatar that resembles you. So, when you are running in the virtual world, your friends and family can easily recognise you. 

Find Friends in the Virtual World

When you start your online running with Vingo, you have many more advantages. Even if your family has a different interest, you can still find new friends on the app itself. If someone is interested in exploring similar terrains and in running, it is easy to identify them with the app. You can start a conversation with them and find if they are also looking for an accountability partner. When you have a friend who is there to support you, you can get better at running quicker. In fact, you can motivate the other person and vice versa. This way you both become better and have fun all the way.

Share Your Achievements on Social Media with Vingo

Another important factor of motivation is the appreciation that you get. If you are someone who is slightly shy on social media, you need not worry about it. The app can be easily connected with leading social media. This way, you can share your personal achievements and milestones from inside this app itself. If you are tired of running, you can also try connecting the cycle with this app. Vingo also acts as a bike exercise app and provides similar benefits.

Get Fit the Easy Way

Another important reason why everyone loves using the app is the fact that it gives the necessary urgent care that is required to keep you fit and healthy. The app motivates you to keep pushing your limits forward. That is to run a little longer or cycle a little faster and farther. This way, you can stay fit without getting demotivated. The gamification of the exercise is the simple way in which the app achieves it.

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