When you have an outdoor shed or an extra space that is no longer being used, the way to put this space to good use is to convert it into a granny flat. These flats are self-contained dwellings designed for one or two people and are found in single-family homes. This miniature house has become a popular unit in many Australian homes because it allows the property owners to utilise the space better.

Granny flats can be built either detached or attached from your existing house based on your available space and your chosen granny flat designs. You might wonder why they are called so. These small flats are called granny flats because they are a popular way for families to accommodate aging parents. However, granny flats are used for many purposes, like for teens who want independence and privacy, renting, office use, guest house, etc. So you can think of them as an addition to your home that can provide you with extra usable space for various purposes.

If you are still sitting on the fence wondering whether to have a granny flat built on your property or not, continue reading! Here are some fantastic reasons to convince you to have one:

It boosts the value of your home.

Building a granny flat on your property is a sound financial investment. Whatever your objective is to create one, adding an extra fixture to your property dramatically boosts your home’s value considerably. For establishing a granny flat, mortgage payments for building are much lower, it requires less upkeep, stamp duty is not required, and utilities are inexpensive. That means building a granny flat is a win-win situation for the property owner.

You get enhanced control over the property.

Getting a granny flat built in your backyard and renting it out can get some money to your hand foodiesfact. It allows you to generate more revenue with little investment. Besides this, since these miniatures are built within your property, they allow you to keep a careful check on your investment. Moreover, you can always keep an eye on your tenants; you can personally monitor the upkeep and repair jobs and ensure they are done right.

It enables you to uphold privacy.

Another significant benefit of getting a granny flat is that you can keep your loved ones closer to your family while providing them privacy and independence. With these separate dwellings, they can maintain autonomy and privacy while getting necessary care from their family members. These are the most convenient options for both your ageing parents as well as for a growing teenager.

It offers your financial freedom.

As said, you always have an option to rent out your granny flat; this way, you can give yourself a break from financial constraints. The income obtained as rent can relieve your mortgage stress to some extent or supplement your income igadgetnow. A granny flat will cost you a fraction of money in terms of recurring expenses and upfront. In addition, tenants are more likely to choose granny flats because of their layout and the numerous benefits compared to other homes.

Hopefully, now that you know the benefits of granny flats, you might have started wondering what granny flat designs would look igadgetnewstoday, fit and cost just right for you. Well, there are numerous places you can get ideas from. For example:

Virtual places: There are some fantastic virtual places like Pinterest and Instagram where you can source ideas for your granny flat. On these sites, you can have everything from straight-out-of-a-fairytale styles to whimsical and innovative designs.

Architectural magazines: Next, architectural 52av magazines offer the latest and most creative flat designs. You can either opt for digital magazines or buy physical versions.

Contractors: Last and the best option is a contractor’s website. If you want a design/ plan with many more details newspinup, better check with a reputed contractor with significant experience building granny flats.

So there is no shortage of inspiration you can use for building your granny house. Start your research now!

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