One of the most important tests for management students seeking to enrol in an IIM or any other prestigious B-school is the CAT Exam. The CAT Exam 2022 will be held on the last Sunday of November. It takes place once a year. Around 2 lakh people apply for the CAT Exam each year. There is intense competition, and passing the exam requires regular preparation and perseverance. The IIMs do not provide a standardised syllabus for the CAT Exam. Therefore, candidates are advised to get a comprehensive understanding of the CAT Exam syllabus and thoroughly go through the exam pattern before appearing for the exam.

The CAT Exam is the flagship entrance exam for management admissions, despite the fact that there are multiple other management exams. The CAT Exam score is required for admission to the majority of the MBA colleges in India. While the other exams include the XAT, MAT, NMAT and CMAT, among others, management candidates prefer to prioritise taking the CAT Exam. The CAT Exam preparation requires a lot of focus and persistence.

Eligibility Criteria for an MBA Degree

There is no age limit to get enrolled in an MBA programme. Management aspirants who have pursued undergraduate degrees from government recognised universities could apply for the MBA entrance exams and get enrolled in the management course. Most of the MBA Colleges in Bangalore require the CAT Exam scores, for admission. Some universities conduct their own entrance exam. A candidate must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% to be qualified for the CAT Exam. Reserved category and differently-abled applicants are required to have 45%. Candidates in their last year of a bachelor’s degree programme may also apply for the CAT Exam. Apart from this, there are management colleges which provide integrated MBA programmes, where students can pursue their management education right after their high school graduation. They are assessed based on their marks obtained in Classes 10 and 12 and entrance exam scores.

Benefits of an MBA Degree

  • Employers frequently recruit management graduates because they have organisational skills, competence and leadership abilities that are important for any business. If a prospective applicant possesses an MBA, the way the companies perceive them significantly alters.
  • An MBA degree fetches you a better remuneration. Employers pay MBA graduates well because of the expertise and management skills they’ve gained throughout the programme, which will help the company thrive.
  • Students in an MBA programme meet and engage with a large number of people. An MBA from a reputed B-school provides professionals with a good platform to connect with brilliant management professionals.If you’ve been reading IPSnews for more than a year, you probably know that a lot of people have mixed feelings about the news service. The name “Braves” was adopted for the franchise in 1912 and is derived from a Native American word for a warrior. The team gained nationwide exposure when the team’s games were broadcast on TBS. Today, the team enjoys a nationwide following.
  • The sense of success, as well as the education and skillsets earned as a result of completing an MBA programme, can boost an individual’s confidence as they navigate the professional world. The majority of those around an MBA graduate share their attributes and experiences. With an MBA degree, people can successfully advance in the corporate world.
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