We know that the step of creating the high school graduation announcements is not easy. So, check out the tips we’ve separated so you know what to write on your class’s graduation invitation. See more!

The great day has come!

You put in a lot of effort, spent sleepless nights studying, stopped going out with friends, but you finally finished your studies. Now it’s time to share that joy with all those who were by your side during this journey, and the best way to do that is to invite them to graduation.

And that involves knowing what to put on the graduation invitation to produce an elegant invitation. Do you already know how to make yours? Otherwise, follow this content to know the tips we separate. Check out!

Build the invitation structure

First of all, you should take care to include in the college graduation invitation text basic information such as:

  1. course name;
  2. name and photos of graduates – if graduating with the class;
  3. date and time of the ceremony;
  4. university logo;
  5. messages and tributes;
  6. oath
  7. contact me for more information if you prefer.

Of course, you don’t have to exactly follow each of these items to the letter, but they are essential for your guest to have a complete and undoubted understanding of every ceremony.

Remember that the invitation has limited space, but it is essential that you can fit important information there. To be brief, though, without sounding distant and too rational.

Invest in a good photoshoot

Still in doubt about what to place graduation invitations?

To create fully personalized invitations, bet on a photo session in the studio and outdoor photos with a good photographer. Each student can have their photo on the first page of the invitation and other great class photos throughout the project.

See what to put written inside the invitation

In addition to providing basic information about the graduation date, time, and location, the invitation should also include your thoughts on that specific moment. In any case, it is recommended that the content follow a structure, starting with a general message, going through achievements and overcomings, ending with thanks. If you are graduating with your peers, the overall message might be a reflection from the class or a quote from a literary work.

If you are graduating alone, talk about what you have lived, learned, achieved, and surpassed in the years of your studies.

End by thanking

This is an important phase of the invitation, it is the space in which you must show your gratitude to everyone who was directly or indirectly part of this achievement. Mention your parents and the importance of their support and commitment to your success.

The masters come next. Without them, you wouldn’t have learned anything. So show your gratitude and say that you will make it up to them by becoming a great professional. Those are our top tips on what to put on your graduation invitation. If you want to surprise your guests, invest in a personalized invitation. This is the best way to receive invitations that represent the essence of the class and the course and keep a unique memory of such a special moment.

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