The officials from the house of the Indian Navy have very well announced that the AA position which is the acronym for the Artificer Apprentice and the SSR position which is the acronym for the senior secondary recruit vacancy will be there from the February 2022 class of sailors. From the official website, this is considered to be the perfect opportunity of ensuring that everybody can get into the application process without any kind of doubt.

Once the candidates have undertaken the comprehensive training in this particular area, they will be perfectly allocated to level three of the defence pay matrix in which monthly payments ranging from Rs.21,700-Rs.69,100 will be provided to them. The monthly compensation during the training term will be Rs.14,600 and there will be approximately 2500 slots in this particular case including 2000 for the position of SSR and 500 for the position of AA.

A total of 10,000 people will be perfectly asked to appear in this particular comprehensive written exam which has to be followed by a very full-fledged physical fitness test in which candidates need to appear and clear the very first attempt so that they can secure their position in this particular industry.

The Indian Navy SSR candidates will be receiving a very good salary package along with several other kinds of extra bonuses. The monthly compensation has been mentioned above in the cases of training and once the training has to be completed they will be perfectly shifted to level three of the whole process. The candidates will also be receiving the MSP of Rs.5200 per month in addition to the monthly group pay of Rs.6200 plus DA if it will be applicable. The pay scale of Indian Navy SSR AA will be perfectly organised by rank only.

The candidates will also be receiving multiple extra perks in this particular industry in addition to the income scale for example TNS allowance, house rent allowance and several other kinds of related aspects. Candidates also need to go through the promotion procedure depending on the performance as well as qualification of the Indian Navy exams so that they can be hired as sailors throughout the process. The master chief petty officer one and several other kinds of things will be significantly applicable to such candidates without any kind of doubt.

Apart from all the above-mentioned points the comprehensive perks of pension, gratuity and the post-retirement and encashment of the accumulated leave depending on the completion of the mandatory service will be easily made available to the officers in this particular area. Further monthly subscription of INR 2500 Navy will also help in providing people with the best possible coverage of Rs.25 lakhs which will be subject to service exigencies and there will be 60 annual leaves in this particular area along with the casual leaves every year.

During the training as well as afterwards the candidates will have proper accessibility to different kinds of books, reading material, uniform, meals and housing so that there will be no chance of any kind of hassle in their life. Following the training time, the candidates will also be eligible for the annual leave for their free railway warrant and in this particular case, the medical leave and travel assistance will also be provided for the self as well as dependents.

SSR candidates have to undertake 22 weeks of basic training along with professional training at any kind of naval training establishment. On the other hand, AA experts have to undertake comprehensive training which has to be followed by naval training establishment throughout the process.

Hence, if you are interested to enjoy a very prominent position and a bright career in the world of the Navy then having a clear idea about all the above-mentioned points is very much important for you so that you can grab the perfect opportunity very successfully.

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