Football is probably the most recognizable sport in the world and it has a pretty lucrative market in the industry of sports betting. This is no surprise that most variations of sports bets are based on soi keo cambongda. 

There are various types of football bets, with each one having its own purpose and advantages. If you are wondering what they are, here are some of the common football bets you might encounter on most sportsbooks. 

Win Bets 

Win bets are pretty much the easiest type of bet to recognize and to place in a football match. As the name suggests, this bet allows you to predict which team will win the football game. 

This basic football betting is pretty much what it is, you are simply selecting the one that you believe will win the game and the rules are pretty straightforward too. In the United States, this bet is called a Moneyline bet but outside the US, it was generally called a Win bet. 

Totals or Over/Under 

Totals is another bet that is pretty prevalent in most sportsbooks around the globe. Just like the Win bet, this type of bet was called Totals in the United States but for the rest of the world, it was called Over/Under bet. 

While the Win bet solely focuses on who will win the game, the odds of totals are based on the number of goals or score of both teams in the match as you watch live soccer K+. 

The bookmaker will set a standard score and the goal is to match the actual total score of both teams after the game with the one set by the bookmaker. You have to decide if the score is over or under the score set by the bookmaker. If your guess is correct, you win, if not, you lose your bet.

Point Spread 

A Point Spread bet is simply placing your bets across the different types of events. By placing your bets on various events, you will maximize your betting and have a potential to win a much higher reward. The only downside to this is that you have to win in all of the lines you selected or else, you lose all the bets. 

Future Bets 

Futures bets are interesting and it is very common in the sports betting world. Simply put, future bets allow you to place a wager on future events before they even start. You can bet on who will be the overall winner of the tournament, who will score the most goals, who will provide more assists, etc. 

The key to this type of bet is to plan accordingly and do intensive research before you place your bet to avoid losing. 

Prop Bets 

One of the most interesting types of football wagers is the prop or proposition bets. This type of bet deviates from the standard form of sports betting as it allows the bettors to place their bets on other aspects of the game. For instance, you can bet on which player will most likely get injured or how long is the duration of the national anthem in the Super Bowl. 

This type of wager is fun and unusual which is an exciting way to place your bet on a football game. 


Parlays or Accumulators are a complex type of football betting. Just like the Point Spread, you are betting on multiple events and bundling them into a single wager. The only difference with his type of bet is that you are selecting odds from different sportsbooks. 

Draw No Bet 

Lastly, the Draw No Bet allows punters to bet on either a win or lose in a football event. The reduction of the Draw outcome is what makes this bet interesting. Once the result of the game is a draw, your bet will be considered null and the amount that you placed will be returned to you in full.


One of the things that makes soccer betting popular is because of the variety of sports bets you can choose. We hope that this guide helped you to choose the type of bet that suits you.

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