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Web Platforms with Built-In Social Integration

Software platform developers have not stood by idly while businesspeople ponder how to make their websites more social. Major e-commerce platforms are building comprehensive tools right into their software that will let website owners capture the Facebook-stored data of site visitors and put it to mindblowing use in their businesses.

This requires visitor permission, of course—courtesy of Facebook’s “Do you want to allow…?” dialog box. But as consumers become more and more familiar with such integrations, and the dialogs are presented in a fairly user-friendly fashion, Facebook data-sharing is becoming increasingly frictionless and commonplace.

Take the example of Art Technology Group (ATG), one of the leading ecommerce packages. Website owners using ATG can configure their websites so that users can log in with either their merchant-specific logins or their Facebook credentials. Once logged in, Facebook data can be written permanently into the customer record of your site’s database.

Age Gender Interests Employer and career information Music and literature preferences Education and alma mater Friends Facebook UserID This data is stored alongside information that you as a merchant already know about the customer, which could include:



Purchase history

Browsing or onsite searching history

Customer source (including whether a particular search query brought the customer to you from

Google or another search engine)

Wish list These data points

become a potent aggregate of evidence about the customer’s intentions, interests, and demographics.

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