What rate to choose? “High odds!” someone will exclaim, and they would probably be right, if not for the fact that the criterion for the size of the coefficient should be the last thing you take into account when thinking about what to bet on.

If you want to bet effectively on KSW or UFC https://parimatch-betting24.in/ufc-betting, you need to know what events (markets) you want to bet on your coupon, which bookmaker has the most to offer, and whether you can earn something extra on the occasion, such as a special free bet or play without tax.

Only then can you say in good conscience that you know what you are doing and are strategizing to make a living from your hobby. After all, that’s what long-term betting is all about, isn’t it?

Types of bets on KSW/UFC

Since this guide is aimed primarily at beginner bettors, we will not refuse to dwell on the topic of betting markets, namely the types of MMA bets. Of course, we will not go into every case in detail, but we will focus on what is worth being interested in and what types of bets are pure shooting at a moving target with a homemade bow.

  • Pre-match bets

Pre-match UFC betting India is nothing more than placing a bet before the match starts. Of course, the markets available at bookmakers can be very different, but we will talk about them a little later.

What you need to know when betting before a match? First of all, find out about the previous history of the two fighters, whether they know each other outside of the galas, whether they trained together or under the same coach. What fighting style or styles each fighter displays and to what extent he specializes in each of them; whether he can use his characteristic techniques, whether he knows the games of his opponent; how important is this fight for each fighter, which of them will lose more and be more desperate?

Something to think about, right? Unfortunately, some parameters like “higher”, “lower”, “older”, “younger”, etc. not enough. In order to place reasonable, and therefore, safe for your wallet, bets, you need to know all the fighters well before you start betting on their pre-fight fights. And even more so live.

  • Live betting

To bet on KSW, the stakes, judging rules, fighters and their techniques cannot have any secrets for you. This is because live betting is characterized by dynamic changes, and often a quick closure of the market, depending on which direction the match develops. So if you don’t feel like you can take it all at once yet, wait until your hand making coupons gets more confident.

  • Multiple bets – accumulators and systems

Before we get to the markets themselves, let’s talk a little more about the general structure of bets.

  • Single bets

They certainly know each other, although you may not even know it. It’s just a bookmaker bet on one thing, one event.

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