If you have finally saved enough money to buy a house on wheels for you and your family but can’t decide which type to choose, this article is for you. You may check the mobilehomelife portal for a wide range of tips and models and find something similar for trailers. However, it is better to learn some basics before you do anything.


Let’s compare all the existing types of houses. There are only 4 basic types that you may already be familiar with. It is up to you which type to pick mytoptweets. You can decide based on their benefits:

  1. Trailer. Trailer is a common name for travel trailers, vehicles for recreation, and according to Wikipedia, mobile homes with a limited area for living with a few facilities on the perimeter. You can go camping in a trailer or use it as a house. Earlier, they were known as towable trailers. Nowadays, lots of models are made for permanent habitation;
  2. Mobile home. Many people still don’t see the difference between a mobile home and a trailer, mistaking one for another. Yet, a mobile home is a ready-made structure from the factory already attached to the chassis. It has the structure of the usual home and is usually located in one place permanently. Yet, if the house owner wants to move it, it can be easily done;
  3. Manufactured housing or home. It has a similar mobile home structure. It is fully gathered in the factory and transported to the client. The US Code of Federal Regulations regulates them. These homes must be not less than 320 sq ft in their size and have permanently attached chassis. Mobile home does not have the same requirement;
  4. Modular homes. They are also known as modular buildings or simple modules. Such houses are modules with repeated sections that easily unite with each other. You can install more sections if you want after receiving the home. You need to have a crane and several workers. The manufacturer may offer you to gather the building in the area where it will stand. There is no chassis. It is a permanent modular house.

Trailer vs. Mobile Home: Comparison

Hopefully, you have noticed several details that differentiate the trailer from the mobile home, although some still think they are the same. Both options are definitely made for the fans of nature and those who are not used to life in the classic built-on-one-place house. Both of them are not for everyone. The vast majority still prefer to live in the traditional home with a yard and a fence. If this life is not for you and adventures are calling every day, pay attention to alternatives on the wheels. Mobile homes are more like homes than trailers.


That is the main factor for everyone who wants to buy a house on wheels. The ability to travel across the country in advanced conditions of your own house, with the bed, the toilet, and sometimes even the sofa to read the book while one of your family members is in the driver seat is what trailers usually provide. Technically, mobile homes can also be rolled since they have chassis. Yet, the chassis is not wheeled; you still need to attach them to some vehicle. Imagine the moving house that travels around the states. It is rather uncomfortable and quite expensive. Now, imagine the trailer on wheels moving around the country. Frankly said, it looks natural. We all met such trailers on the road.

In real life, mobile homes are rarely moved. You can still move them close to the woods or the lawn if you want to settle down.

Meanwhile, the trailer allows you to travel wherever you want. It is not hard to pick up all your stuff and move to another location. You don’t need to hire a moving company like the mobile home. Once you want to cross the country to lie down on the beach, no one stops you.


Let’s talk about money here. To move a house is not free of charge. Even the short distance may require over $5,000. You can calculate the distance and the money you have to spend on the moving cost. One mile may cost you $15, and with new price changes, it can be up to $20. Don’t forget about the extra expenses for the move. The escort vehicle will cost you $2 for a mile, no less. Moreover, the new foundation must be prepared as well. You will need the help of professionals to install the mobile home.

You have to consider the cost of one lot of space too, when it comes to the house on wheels. One lot can be rented for up to $300 minimum. If you have the mortgage, one month’s cost may exceed $1,000. The price may differ from state to state, infrastructure nearby, and even the hosts that rent the place.

The trailer will not cost you less when camping in one place. One night on average costs $29.12, and one month maybe $874 if you choose to settle down at one place. Yet, the price varies based on the proximity of parks, stores, and other areas you may need to visit. This fee usually covers utilities. Travel expenses are less costly, but you have to consider the prices of the fuel you are using.

Make Your Decision

It is up to you whether you want a trailer or a mobile home. If you want to travel, you can buy both options and keep the trailer in the yard or garage. The trailer has less space, and the mobile home is less portable. Consider all their pros and cons before you pick anything.

Have you ever traveled in the trailer? Have you been to a mobile home? Share your thoughts about both of them in the comments below.

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