Homeowners must know the importance of their home’s foundation. If there’s a problem with the foundation, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Here are the top ways to fix any home’s foundation issues.

Common Problems

In general, there are two types of problems that can cause issues with your foundation. You can have a problem with what is known as settlement. Settlement happens when the foundation sinks below where it is supposed to go. As those at 58 Foundations point out, foundation settlement repair must be done quickly in order to minimize any further damage.

Another kind of foundation problem is what is known as upheaval. This is when all or part of the foundation rises above where it is supposed to be in order to keep the house on an even keel. Both types of foundation issues can create problems with the structure of the entire house and make it hard to keep it in good shape.

The Root of the Issue

It’s imperative to get at the root of the problem to fix it. That’s why you’ll want to look at all areas of the house very closely. If the soil has a lot of moisture, this is an indication it can be unstable. The same is true of water entering any part of the basement. You might see the foundation movement. The same is true of any cracks. Large cracks are an indication something is wrong with your foundation.

Underpinning the Foundation

A common response to a foundation problem is underpinning. Underpinning consists of reinforcing your current foundation by digging below the level of the current foundation and adding materials to shore it up.

Foundation Shims

Foundation shims are small plates that can be used to help add support to your foundation. Support posts can be added to shim the foundation and help ensure the foundation is in better condition. The great thing about this form of support is that it can stand a lot of pressure and hold a lot of weight.

Foundation Wall Repair

In many instances, a foundation will have problems because the walls of the foundation are not in good condition. Repairing any existing problems with the walls of the foundation is one way to fix the condition of the foundation and keep the home’s foundation in good condition in the long term.

Stabilizing The Soil

A foundation makes use of the existing soil in order to stay in the shape necessary to support the rest of the home. A process known as soil stabilization is a process in which any less than sturdy material such as clay soil is turned into a much stronger base that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. This includes heavy rain and lots of snow that can otherwise cause issues.

If you have a problem with your foundation, clearing up the problem quickly can ensure your home remains in great shape.

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