A watch is not just a timepiece, but a sign of prestige and luxury.  Owning one of the most expensive and exquisitely designed watches offers an unmatched level of satisfaction.  Expensive watches are mostly made from gold and diamonds, and in some instances meticulously assembled using hand. Anytime you want to buy a premium timepiece, you can count on the help of luxury watch UK experts to get the premium handpiece that you want.

Here are the 5 most expensive watches in the world.

1. Graff Diamonds – Hallucination

The Hallucination watch is currently the highest priced globally at $55 million and what makes it fascinating is that it’s made from stunning 110 carats of very rare and multi-colored diamonds. Since it was introduced in 2004, it has grown in popularity and it’s now one of the top watches for the might people who love the style, and who have the money to spend. This watch is considered to be the most valuable on the planet at times, and comparison-wise, no other watch comes close.

2. Graff Diamonds – Fascination

Fascination is made using 152.96 carats of white diamonds and has uniquely designed and fancy cut 38.13 pear-shaped diamonds at the center. This diamond is interchangeable with a diamond face, and can instead be inserted into the bracelet, therefore creating a glittering, splendid timepiece. The price is $40 million, and buyers enjoy quick delivery. If necessary, a white glove delivery service may be arranged.

3. Chopard – 201 carats

This beautiful timepiece from Chopard consists of three heart-shaped diamonds: white, pink, and blue. The blue diamonds weigh 12 carats; the white weighs 11 carats while the pink weighs 15 carats. The watch is set inside a bracelet that has been encrusted with white-colored pear-shaped diamonds that have been arranged in a flower motif, with yellow diamonds standing up from each of them. The total weight in the carats of the yellow and white diamonds is 163 carats, while the watch’s total carat weight is 201 carats. The watch operates using a spring-loaded mechanism, which when pressed, forces the three heart-like shapes to open up, to resemble flower pedals during sunshine. The face of the watch is exposed from below the heart-shaped diamonds.

4. Jacob & Co –Billionaire

The Billionaire is a clear testament to the unmatched watch-making capability of Jacob & Co. This watch appears in the top 5 most expensive horological pieces because of amazing reasons. There are very few other watches that rival this one, and no matter the angle that you look at it from, you will always be left wondering about the amazing features which it offers.  With a total of 177.11 carats of emerald-cut diamonds making up the case, the rest of the features that this watch offers are beyond the wildest imagination of a human being.

5. Vacheron Constantin – Kallania

This is an exquisite piece of jewelry and it’s considered to be the next in the line after the diamond-studded Kallista watch. The Kallania is a gorgeous handpiece that has been crafted entirely from a whopping 18 carats of white gold, with emerald cut diamonds being used across its dial, case, and bracelet. This glorious handpiece also boasts of hand-wound Vacheron-Constantin 1003-caliber movement, with a height of 1.64mm, therefore making it the thinnest mechanical motion globally. Another notable feature of this watch is the Geneva seal that is stamped on the bridge, which is an indication of the high standards that this incredible watch delivers.

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