Addiction is the absolute dependency on drugs and substances. It has become the order of the day with so many people recently. Many people are turning to drugs and alcohol as a way of dealing with their pains and troubles. Addiction is caused by a few factors including peer pressure, using highly addictive drugs, family history of addiction, lack of family involvement, and mental health disorders, to mention a few.

Rehabilitation centers have been set up in various states to help those battling addiction. They have professionals who offer guidance and counseling and help addicts throughout the recovery process. When selecting a rehab in California, there are some considerations that you must make. They include:

  • Fees

The fees being charged by rehab centers are the first consideration to make. This is usually the biggest setback among many addicts since the cost of care in many facilities is usually expensive.

Always have a list of centers to select from. Compare the cost of each of them and settle with one that favors you to avoid financial constraints. Some facilities offer insanely high fees because of their location and brand yet they have similar services to other centers that equally have reliable professionals.

You can also consider centers that accept drug rehabilitation loans. Those working can opt for facilities that accept insurance which helps pay off part of the cost. Ensure they provide a clear medical sheet of all the fees required. You do not want to have additional costs being charged mid-recovery. Ensure they are transparent with everything they charge.

  • Staff

Does the center have qualified professionals with enough experience? Do they have professionals with different specializations? Do they have nurses who work round-the-clock in cases where a patient has episodes at night?

Ask as many questions as you want regarding the center’s staff. They have to answer all questions and wash away your doubts before placing your patient in their hands. You do not want to have a loved one committed in a facility that has incompetent professionals who may jeopardize their recovery process.

Ensure they have professionals with different specializations like nutritionists who advise on the best recovery diet for patients. Recovery patients sometimes experience withdrawal episodes over the night. A good facility has nurses that work in shifts 24/7 to ensure patients are catered for. Once all your questions have been answered to your satisfaction, you can decide on committing to them.

  • Duration of Treatment

Does the facility have a timeline for your recovery journey? Addiction recovery is usually a personal journey. Different people recover over a different span of time. Avoid centers that have a restrictive duration of treatment. Instead, opt for one that lets you recover at your own speed.

With recovery, there are a lot of withdrawals and bad days that may make one give up or try to relapse. A good facility understands that it is a difficult journey and allows you to experience every step with them at your aid.

In case you want to use your insurance cover, find a facility that accepts the use of it for the whole duration in which you receive treatment. This is essential because some centers will accept insurance for a certain number of days. Read more here 

  • Methods of Treatment

There are different approaches to treating an addict. Some facilities opt for the traditional approach, while some the holistic approach. Do you want a specific treatment approach or a combination of the two approaches?

As you do your research, establish what kind of treatment approach the facility you are considering offers. Consult with a professional on the best treatment approach depending on your loved one’s level of addiction. Choose a facility with an approach that best helps your recovery process.

  • Reputation

The reputation of the rehabilitation center is highly reflected by its succession rate. You can find out their reputation by reading reviews on websites. Reviews and testimonials give you an insight into what to expect once you commit to the specific facility.

Go through the center’s website and read the comments by people who have been there before. Positive feedback builds a good reputation. You can also ask for the contacts of the last three patients that recently checked out. Call them and find out the experience they had while undergoing treatment there.

Ask for referrals from friends, colleagues, and relatives who had an addict in their families, and had a successful recovery journey. Your regular family doctor can also recommend to you good rehabilitation centers that have made a name for themselves because of their success rates.

  • Family Programs

A recovery journey is made easier when you have a support system at home. It is easier to process the whole journey and avoid relapsing when you have help and support from your family. Opt for facilities that have programs that help educate the family on ways they can support you during your recovery journey. Ask whether they offer any programs for families for them to have a complete comprehension of what addiction is all about.

These family programs are helpful especially when you are done with the treatment and go back home to recover. An informed family will know the kind of diet you need pro-recovery and adjust their routines so that they can all be present.

Supportive loved ones will be there to help you process everything as you recover, preventing you from any thoughts of relapsing. Click here for more insights.


Another factor to remember is whether the facility has any follow-up programs even after treatment is complete. Follow-up services are essential as they aid in relapse prevention. You may have an incredibly supportive family but still, need someone who has ever been in your shoes before or dealt with many cases of recovering addicts.

Those are some of the key considerations you should make when choosing a rehabilitation center. Always do thorough research and analysis before settling for any rehabilitation center. Ensure it checks out all the right boxes. Commit yourself or a loved one to a reputable center that will go beyond and above to ensure they have a good recovery journey.

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