Car insurance is an absolute must for you to drive on the road legally. After all, we need to make sure we look out for each other on the highway. One way to make sure you do this is SR-22 insurance.

SR-22 insurance coverage is perfect for those who need a simple way to protect themselves and their fellow drivers, as well as to patch up their driving records. However, with so many insurance options available, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one for your needs.

No need to fret! This article will help you browse through the different types of insurance and pick the coverage you need. Read on to learn more!

Talk to Your Current Insurance Company

One of the best ways to get the correct SR-22 insurance policy is by talking to your current insurance company. Most insurance companies that offer regular insurance also handle SR-22 policies. They’ll know how to find one that suits your needs.

There are three types of Sr-22 insurance plans that your current insurance company could recommend based on your needs:

1. Owner’s Certificate

This type of Sr-22 insurance policy is designed to cover the cars that you own. In other words, it works similarly to traditional policies but is designed for those who don’t have access to traditional insurance. If you still have a car in your name, then the owner’s certificate will work for you.

Keep in mind that the owner’s certificate only covers cars that you own. That means you can’t use it to cover you when you are driving other vehicles that are not under your name. You’ll want to avoid driving other vehicles belonging to someone else.

2. Operator’s Certificate

If you want to drive but don’t have a car of your own, you can opt for an operator’s certificate instead. This certificate, also called a non-owner SR-22 certificate, gives you coverage when driving other vehicles that are not your own.

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Of course, if you ever get a vehicle to your name in the future, your operator’s certificate won’t cover it. You’ll have to either switch to an owner’s certificate or opt for the third option: the owner-operator certificate.

3. Owner-Operator Certificate

The owner-operator certificate is the perfect SR-22 policy for those needing more all-around coverage. As the name implies, this coverage protects you during times when you’re driving your vehicle and when you’re driving someone else’s.

If you’re constantly finding yourself switching between your car and vehicles belonging to other people, this certificate will protect you no matter where you go.

Ready to get your insurance plan? Sites like are offering great deals on SR-22 to help you get on the road. Make sure to look around and find the plan that suits you!

Get SR-22 Insurance Today

Now that you know about the different types of SR-22 insurance, you’ll be able to get a great deal on the plan you need.

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