Using a scent diffuser is many people’s preferred way to enjoy their most-liked essential oils. In fact, scent diffusers are so popular that industry experts predict the scent diffuser market’s worth to grow to an impressive $3.22 billion by 2027.

But, before you join in on the hype, you first have to know your options. Although you’ve likely heard of scent diffusers, you may not know that there are various types of diffusers that each use different technologies.

Keep reading to learn more about your scent diffuser options.

What Is a Scent Diffuser?

A scent diffuser, also called an oil diffuser, is a portable machine that breaks up essential oils into tiny particles. These particles then spread out through the space you place the machine in, thus dispersing the smell of the oils.

Types of Diffusers

There are many types of diffusing technologies that fall into three main categories: ultrasonic, heat, and nebulizing. You may favor one type over the other depending on your preferences and individual needs.

Ultrasonic Scent Diffusers  

An ultrasonic scent diffuser uses water and electronic frequencies to turn essential oils into a calming mist. Because these diffusers use water, they also have a slight humidifying effect.

Heat Scent Diffusers

A heat scent diffuser, as the name suggests, uses heat to evaporate the oils and spread them into the air. The downside of using heat is that if you use too much in the evaporation process, then the essential oils may lose their calming effects.

Nebulizing Scent Diffusers 

A nebulizing scent diffuser, also called a cold-air diffuser, breaks down and disperses oils using force. The process happens in the same way you may spray perfume on yourself.

This type of diffuser is a popular option because it disperses aromatic oils in their purest form without using water, making it the perfect choice for those who are using their diffuser specifically for the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

Yet, the downside of a nebulizing diffuser is that if you don’t clean it regularly, then oils may clog the nebulizing core of the machine.

Scent Diffusers for Every Home Space

You can enjoy your favorite essential oils in even your smallest of rooms. In fact, small space scent diffusers are designed for rooms up to 100 square feet in size.

These unique machines use nebulizing technology, whereas instead of using water to break down oils, they use air. This method preserves the aromatic qualities of the essential oils, making them leave no residue and have a more long-lasting effect.

Enjoy Your Favorite Scents Throughout Your Home 

Scents can not only be pleasant, but they can also be therapeutic. The scent of essential oils in particular can have long-lasting positive effects.

The best way to enjoy your favorite essential oils is with a scent diffuser, but which type of scent diffuser works best for you depends on what you want and need out of a diffuser.

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