When it comes to forex brokers, promotions and bonuses that broker gives you are the foundation to start making a profit right? So we will not search for the cheapest one, but for the best ones that give you a good bonus.

The numerous brokers that are trusted by traders for the provision of their services come with the guarantee of a variety of features as well as attractive bonus offers or promotions. The forex brokers bonus offered has to stand out from other bonuses and promotions and also from the other features.

If you use CFDs, contracts for difference, to make money in the foreign exchange (forex) market, you should consider using a broker offering a welcome bonus or promotion. A welcome bonus usually comes in the form of cash that a forex broker will pay you when opening an account with them. A forex broker will also offer promotions which are some kind of discount on your trades. The specific terms and conditions behind a welcome bonus and promotion may differ from broker to broker.

Numerous factors go into determining the best forex broker for you, including (but not limited to) location, regulation type, compliance status, and liquidity. Chances are that there’s one perfect for your situation. If you are looking in creating a successful forex trading account, then it is very important to look for online forex brokers with bonus and promotions

Basics of Forex Bonuses and How to Get Them

Forex bonuses are a powerful tool for attracting new traders to your forex broker. They can also be an effective way for your existing customers to build their trading accounts and increase their profits.

Many Forex brokers offer traders special bonuses for signing up for their services. Forex brokers usually offer the following three types of bonuses: cash bonuses, no deposit bonuses and welcome bonuses. A cash bonus is an amount of money that Forex brokers give to their clients when they open a trading account with them. A no deposit bonus is a type of Forex bonus that allows traders to trade on demo accounts or real accounts, but they do not have to make any deposits.

Forex bonuses can be given for a variety of reasons, such as attracting new traders to a particular brokerage house, or for promoting a specific currency pair. The most common type of Forex bonus is the welcome bonus, also known as the deposit bonus.

Why Open an Account Through TU

Traders Union provides multiple discounts, the most pleasurable among which is the Forex discount. The Forex rebate program ensures that clients receive a part of their spread back from Traders Union as a rebate. The rebate is directly proportional to the number of trades you place with your broker. Having an account with Traders Union helps you get into the top Forex rebate programs and get rebates on every trade you place, whether the trade is profitable or not.

XM Welcome Bonus

XM is a global leader in online trading services, providing the most comprehensive and innovative offering for investors who want to trade forex, stocks, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. With over years of experience in the industry, XM has attracted over 2 million clients from around the world, allowing them to trade with confidence from their PCs or smartphones. The company’s trading platforms are operated by regulated brokers who deliver the highest level of service excellence.

The goal of the new XM broker welcomes bonus is to reward new customers who open a forex account through our website. The bonus is applicable for all accounts types, including ECN and STP accounts, as well as for both MetaTrader 4 and 5.

Traders can withdraw the profits from a welcome bonus as soon as they have made 0.1 lots by trading equities or forex pairs. However, there’s one small catch – to do so traders will need ten transactions that are of equivalent volume to 1 standard lot, and a total of five trades where at least one was their last trade. Further you can check here xm review.

  • Open an account.
  • Make a Deposit amount of 5$.
  • Trade at minimum 1 lot to earn every 10$.
  • Perform a deposit to join our affiliate program at the best rates and earn from 70% to 85% per trade.
  • There is no need to have trading and investment experience.
  • With this affiliate program, you can earn more than with any other similar program.

Bottom Line

When it comes to withdrawing the profits of their welcome bonus, traders have three different options available. First, they can either make a withdrawal before they have traded at least 10 micro-lots or 0.1 standard lots, depending on which sum is smaller. The second option is to trade at least 10 micro-lots that are equivalent to 0.1 standard lots or 1 standard lot and get the required trading volume of that one round in the real trading account by doing 5 turn trades rounds as well. The third as a final option if both conditions are not fulfilled is to trade for a total number of 30 micro-lots that are equivalent to 0.1 standard lots or 1 standard lot and if all those conditions are satisfied withdrawals can be made for free depending on how the trader wants the funds. We hope this will help you!

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