A party or event commemorates a particular occasion, and people gather to celebrate it in their fashion. Sometimes people hire event planners to host parties. The event industry pays an average of 11.1 billion AUD in wages. This number reflects the popularity of event planners in Australia and the party scene in the country. While people can include various elements, one standard feature is the “party favour”. A party favour is an item the host gives their guest to remember the event, like a keepsake. These party favours can range from gift bags to custom tote bags in Australia. Hosts spend great effort choosing their party favours, as it has to suit the party theme and be functional.


The party favour reflects the host’s tastes and status, making their parties more popular. There are various creative and eccentric options available today.

Prep Coffee

Coffee is a universal beverage and has millions of fans worldwide. Hosts can never go wrong with coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate or other cafe drinks. A recently popular party favour is a one-shot coffee vial or jar. These items are small-sized vials or test tubes with an aroma-blocker. Their contents are instant coffee, sugar, milk solids, and other flavourings like cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, etc. People can add them to hot water and enjoy a cup of coffee immediately. Their packaging is aesthetic enough to be a party favour, and their contents are functional.

Aesthetic Planters With Seeds

Plants and cacti are the rage world-over, and people always appreciate a plant gift. The host can get custom-made planters or designer pots, add seeds and customise them with the guest’s name. People should ensure to get plants that require minimal care so guests can enjoy them longer. The planter itself is a decorative element, and hosts can design them. The plant can also be a decorative element if people choose ornamental plants like the Aglaonema.

Decorative Sanitisers

Sanitisers are becoming universal if they haven’t already. People use sanitisers constantly, and they can dry out the skin. But with moisturising sanitisers on the market, people are becoming more aware of the need to choose sanitisers more carefully. Why not make it easier? Hand sanitisers in aesthetic bottles are a sure-win party favour, as guests will use them and can refill the bottle later. Hosts can get reusable bottles, and since the size will be compact, it is cost-efficient.

Mason Jar Desserts

Another cost-efficient idea is the dessert jar. A dessert jar can hold several dessert types, from mousses to cakes and ice creams. The host can get decorative mason jars and print guest names or dessert names on them. People can reuse the jars if they want, and their decorative elements could elevate their interior decor. The host can also decorate the dessert jar to suit their venue’s decor.

The Simple Cookie

Who doesn’t love cookies? Cookies make for excellent party favours, as the guests enjoy the cookies, and the host can save on their budget. Cookies are effortless to acquire and come with an array of packaging options. The host can also pick any Aussie cookie style like choco-chip, gingerbread, oatmeal raisin, fruit and nut, etc. The cookie packaging also has limitless options, and hosts can design them to their creative extent.

The event industry directly contributes 17.2 billion AUD 35.2 billion AUD indirectly to Australia’s GDP. People celebrate parties in various ways, but their party favours are usually standard. From lip-smacking cookies to the chic custom tote bags in Australia, guests look forward to them and the party. 

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