Many cities across the United States are starting to push toward high-speed rail plans to solve the crisis of commuting across the United States as well as to address environmental concerns. The latest city that moving forward with a high-speed rail plan is Tampa Bay with its Brightline train.

The original Orlando to Tampa road was proposed several years ago and today the Orlando route has completed the West Palm Beach to Orlando connection with around 73% completion. The trains will be moving along to the Sun Rail Tracks and then traveling along state Road 417 throughout Disney World. Brightline plans on having the main station in Disney World and providing support throughout the greater Tampa and Orlando area.

As well as integrating this high-speed rail into the tourism areas of Orlando and Florida the road is planning on reaching Ybor City by the year 2028. This new expansion further into the line would offer more connections such as a large scooter parking and sharing area throughout South Florida with the train.

The train is expected to reach speeds of up to 125 mi./h between the two main stations. The trip could offer amazing support to travelers throughout the region as it would be a 3-hour trip from Tampa to Orlando and Ybor city. The railway would generate a massive amount of jobs and it’s estimated to account for up to $787 million in tax revenue for the state, federal and local governments over the next 10 years.

While it may be hard to envision a high-speed rail throughout this area of Florida and dropping tourists off the Disneyworld, this is project is very much a reality and close to it early testing stages. We will be following this project closely to see how it shapes the region.

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