Car accidents can leave victims feeling powerless, wounded, and scared.  Although you got out on the other side, you may still feel trapped in what happened to you, either through the financial, physical, or mental impact of the accident.

If you want to give yourself the best chance at getting through this as whole as possible on the other side: these are the most important steps to take after a car accident.

Check for Injuries

Seemingly obvious: the first thing you should do after any car crash or accident is to check for injuries.  Check yourself first, then others within your vehicle.  After this, take the time to check the other vehicle only if your surroundings are safe enough for you to do so.  If you’re on a busy freeway, and there are cars moving by at extremely fast speeds, it’s vital that you avoid letting your vehicle be hit or allowing yourself to get hit and cause further injury.

Contact Emergency Help

Seek emergency aid for any injuries you have and for the wreck itself if your car isn’t able to leave the scene.  Calling the police and an ambulance is also vital if the people in the other car aren’t responsive and you fear something might be wrong, or you’re scared for your life while trying to gather information on them.  

Take Photo Evidence

Photo evidence will be your best evidence for the most part.  Not only is it vital information for your insurance, but if you have to go to court, this evidence will make what you went through incredibly clear.

This includes pictures of your vehicle, any other vehicles involved, your injuries, and the injuries of your passengers.  If you’re not in a well-lit area, you should still take pictures, but be prepared to take more photos when you get inside or in a better-lit space.

Exchange Information and Call Insurance

Call your insurance and explain what you experienced and what you need at this moment.  They’ll talk you through what information you need to gather from the other driver while also asking for an email to send paperwork and information to and inform you on anything you need to know.  It’s vital that you don’t admit or assign guilt at any point and simply describe what happened while you were driving and what led to the accident.  

Be calm with the other driver, and exchange information as respectfully as possible so that this process is as easy as it can be.  Although you may be hurt and upset, turning this into a fight won’t help anyone involved.

Consider Calling an Attorney

A personal injury lawyer will help you if there are any hiccups in this process.  Not only will your attorney help guide you through what evidence you need to gather, but they’ll also give you the chance to better understand what the outcome of this accident may be for you while also helping you recover financially and medically.

Car Accidents Can Be Life-Altering

A car accident is a scary thing to live through.  By following these steps, you can make the process far less scary.

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