Your keys may get lost, stolen, or broken and when this happens, you need a pro keys locksmith to help you cut a new one. At Sima’s Locksmith, our professional can help you cut a new key, and we can help you duplicate old ones if you need spares. We can cut and copy keys either by hand or by code, we have the tools and techniques to get this done without wasting time. Whether it’s your car key, home key, or office key, we can cut you a new one without any hassle. If you need a set of spare keys for your home, or office which you will share with your other family members and employees, just give us a call and we will help you with it

Replacement Keys

Our pro keys locksmith professionals at Sima’s Locksmith can cut keys for commercial, residential, and automobile locks. Replacement keys can be a front door, a back door for the house, or an office. We can also cut and copy keys for safes, windows, garage doors, and even vintage keys. We can cut keys for cylinder locks that are common with home front doors. Our pro keys locksmith at Sima’s Locksmith in Brooklyn, NY can cut keys for mortice locks and rim locks. Follow us at to speak with us and book an appointment.  We can also cut security keys – cut to code. Our pro keys locksmith can cut and duplicate uPVC door keys and window keys. If you need spares for your patio keys, we can help you with that too, if your safe key is damaged and you need a new one, get in touch with our professionals.

Safe Key Replacement

Your safe was installed to keep your valuables safe and give you access to it whenever you want. However, if you lost your keys, or got stolen or broken, then the security of the safe can be tampered with, plus it will prevent your access to the safe and your valuables. Follow us at and find out how we can help you secure your home and safes. If you need a replacement key for your safe and you don’t know who to call, our pro keys locksmith near me will be there to help you cut the best and most durable keys for your safes. Safes are delicate and that’s why the keys need to be cut or copied by a professional. Whether it’s a wall safe, floor safe, fire safe, or jewelry safe, we can help you cut keys for it in Brooklyn, NY.

Car Key Replacement

We want to assume that your car security is very important to you and we are very sure that you will invest a great deal in protecting it. Your car keys get you access to your car before you even get to start the engine. If your keys are damaged, you won’t be able to enter your car and if it’s stolen, you need to replace them asap so that intruders won’t use them to get access to your car. If you need replacement keys for your car, our pro keys locksmith is here to help you get the best for your car.

Emergency Key Cutting

You can misplace your keys anytime and they can be stolen when you least expect them to. When you need to get a new key urgently because your keys have been missing and you need to be in your car right now, you need a pro keys locksmith to get you a new key on the spot without wasting much time. Our pro keys locksmith experts show up quickly and we get things done effectively.

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