Pallet racks are the most popular form of storage in distribution centres, warehouses and factories. If revising or upgrading your warehouse is in your mind, there are various racking systems you can choose from.

Choosing the right pallet racking system can increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations, streamline workflow and boost productivity. You can even integrate warehouse management software with your racking system, save costs, and boost customer satisfaction.

Check the following section to learn about the top 3 benefits of pallet racks and how they can meet specific business needs.

1. Efficient usage of space

You can make the best use of the vertical space in your warehouse with pallet rack systems. The airspace above the racks can be excellent for storing merchandise or pallets when you have adequate building height.

The best racking systems to optimise the vertical space are:

Selective pallet racking

Selective pallet racks offer low-density storage with high selectivity allowing easy access to products in more than one bay simultaneously. The design of these racks is modular and can be configured according to specific storage needs. So, if you’re starting your warehousing business or need to expand the existing one, selecting racking can be an ideal solution.

Mobile pallet racks

The risks to workers increase when the aisle space is narrow in warehouses preventing manoeuvrability. Mobile pallet racks allow workers to easily access service aisles at the location or remotely. After retrieving the pallet, the aisle closes to save space and increase storage density.

2. Bulk storage

If you have deep inventory needs and require the best solution for bulk storage, multi-deep racks can be of great help. The pallet racking systems you need for bulk storage are:

Push-back racks

You can install push-back racks with selectivity and high-density storage if you need pallet racks. These racks have horizontal beams and upright frames supporting the nested charts sliding on inclined rails.

Drive-in pallet racks

Drive-in pallet racks are high-density storage solutions that can help you maximise the space of the warehouse. These racks don’t have horizontal beams but rest on rails inside the rack bays. Drive-in racking uses the LIFO system for stock rotation and is effective for storing homogenous products for the long term.

Cantilever rack systems

Installing cantilever racks can be ideal if you need to store bulky or oversized goods. It is suitable for fabric rolls, furniture, tubing/bar stock and lumber. However, these racks are not suitable for palletised merchandise as the arms of the racks are angled, which makes the pallet load unstable and unbalanced.

3. Fast order fulfilment

With the right racking systems, productivity improves, leading to the fulfilment of orders at a much faster rate.

Generally, order fulfilment depends on the method of stock rotation and the means of storage and retrieval system you use. The two most common methods of stock rotation are LIFO and FIFO.

With FIFO storage, you can access single pallets without removing other items, while LIFO is appropriate for homogenous products. The racking system used for increasing order fulfilment efficiency are:

Pallet flow racking

Pallet flow racks have gravity-fed roller lanes that help move goods from the loading to the retrieval aisle. These are simple to use and have high density.

Carton flow racks

Carton flow racks are effective for order picking in high volumes. These systems work with plastic totes, cardboard boxes and other products and are the most effective for high-volume orders.

Using appropriate pallet racks can help your business grow and expand the inventory space. The racks, whether made from structural or roll-formed steel, can last several decades with necessary maintenance and, therefore, can be a long-term investment. Pallet racks also reduce labour costs so you can allocate funds to other business areas and increase competitiveness.

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