Recipe No. 1, Sukhayat, properties of helping to sleep. And appetite reduces anxiety panic. When it relaxes, it helps to sleep better. This recipe contains 12 medicinal ingredients: Camphor, Neem Leaves, Hassakuthed, Salam Waeng, Black Candle, Rhubarb, Nutmeg, Bunnag Flower, Pepper, Dried Ginger, Deepleaf. and cannabis leaves, but the use of the drug must be under the supervision of a medical professional for the safety of treatment. This recipe also helps to increase appetite even more.

The 2nd recipe has properties as a remedy for insomnia. Fix slim yellow Fever with tremors, tremors, weakness, powerlessness (thin yellowish Fever Caused by the elemental wind recurrence resulting in insomnia, loss of appetite, when it is chronic causing the body to become thin, pale, yellow, exhausted, and lacking in strength). This recipe contains eight medicinal ingredients: cannabis leaf, khon the Khama leaf, neem leaf, chan Khao, chan Daeng, red ginger, nylon pepper, and deep pea.

Rule 3 has properties to solve the wind to fix the lines. Relieve hand, foot, numbness, numbness in abnormal lines and result in pain or numbness in various lines in the body. The herbal remedy contains seven types of medicines: White Candle, Black Candle, Paddy Candle, Ginger, Jet Moon Ploeg. Red, pepper, and hemp.

Recipe 4 has properties as a remedy for hemorrhoids and skin diseases, helping to cure itchy rashes, allergic rashes, psoriasis wounds. Including symptoms of hemorrhoids as well. The outstanding properties of cannabis can reduce itching. Pain relief And reduce inflammation in patients with skin diseases and hemorrhoids. This 4th formulation contains turmeric, cbd öl, and hemp leaf.

Formula 5: Antipsychotics. Properties are used to treat stress anxiety and result in insomnia. The term “antipsychotic” does not mean modern medicine. (Psycho and bipolar) in any way, consisting of 14 types of drugs: Kum Nam bark, Moringa peel, Pork chestnut, Small crotch, Big crotch, Rang Daeng, Nutmeg, Bael peel, Cannabis stalk, wormwood, Mokman bark. , Changed grass, information, and grass.

How to use cannabis safely.

Medicinal cannabis extracts may cause side effects that users should be aware of. After using cannabis extract, there will be drowsiness. Do not drive a vehicle. Should not work with machinery If you have dizziness, the body loses balance faster or slower heartbeat and abnormal blood pressure (may be higher / lower than usual) should reduce the amount of use But if there are abnormalities such as confusion, restlessness, anxiety, hallucinations, as well as if used after an allergic reaction such as a rash, swollen face, swollen eyes, swollen side effects of deca durabolin lips, should stop using and consult a doctor immediately.

The use of medicinal cannabis extracts is also contraindicated in some cases, including:

  • have a history of allergy to cannabis extracts
  • pregnant women lactating woman planning to have children
  • Cardiovascular disease patients have severe liver and kidney dysfunction
  • people with schizophrenia Substance-related psychosis, depression, bipolar disorder People who are at risk of self-harm
  • People who are addicted to drugs, including nicotine. or heavily addicted to alcohol

In addition to using marijuana for medical uses. Both extraction as medicine as well as processing into product ingredients and cooking.

Medical marijuana is now available to the market as an alternative to more consumers, such as Yanhee Hospital. which is considered as a source of medical pilot use of cannabis for treatment by using the roots and stems which contain less addictive substances be extracted as a medicine, whether.

  1. Treatment by dripping under the tongue, which has properties to help sleep, appetite, and rejuvenate chronic patients.
  2. cbd öl massage treatment Suitable for people who have muscle aches such as joint pain, knee pain, muscle pain in the body. Including the relief of chronic headaches and migraines.

Another essential compound, Cannabidiol (CBD), is found in inflorescences to roots. Roots and stems, in particular, play an essential role in the absorption of nutrients for leaf and flower growth. The roots are precursors to cannabinoids. Therefore, it does not have any intoxicating effects that have properties to help you feel relaxed, sleep, reduce nausea and vomiting. Stimulates appetite and reduces pain.

Things you should know before receiving the service.

  • 18 years of age or older
  • No history of allergy to cannabis/other compounds in cannabis products.
  • not during pregnancy planning a pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • No history of cardiovascular disease
  • not a severe schizophrenic patient
  • not taking blood clot-dissolving drugs (in case of cbd öl massage)

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