We, humans, are emotional beings. We cannot function on just command and response. A number of things trigger us to either take action or back down. In other words, numerous factors affect our work performance. Among them, our surrounding stands as perhaps the most prominent one.

Our surrounding drives us for both ways motivating and demotivating purposes. If the surrounding is good, we feel good and tend to perform better. Likewise, if the surrounding is awful, we feel bad and tend to get demoralized. This applies to both indoor and outdoor environments. Let us have a look at them both and how they function.

Indoor Environments

Our indoors are insulted and isolated from the outside world these days. Therefore, we create the whole environment through various things and devices. These devices are capable of changing and controlling everything related. These related concerns include the color balance, interior objects for looking at, furniture, air, and lastly temperature. 

To do so, we paint and place wallpapers of our choice. We place comforting furniture and make the related interior decorations. Also, we installed devices such as air conditioners. This way the whole environment is made helpful, productive, and motivating. Particularly for air and temperature builders and contractors have mechanical estimating services.

Outdoor Environment 

On the contractor to the indoor environment, the outdoor condition is different. This cannot be altered or adjusted to the person’s liking. Man has to bear to the wind, the sun, the rain, and other effects one way or another. He can wear air-tight clothing to minimize air pressure but he would still have to bear it. He can stand inside a shade to avoid the direct sunlight but still, he cannot escape the heat caused by the sun. Similarly, an umbrella can shelter him from raindrops but he cannot escape the bounced backdrops.

How Does the Environment Affect Man’s Behaviors and In Turn His Work?

We are emotional and also at the same time we are sensitive beings. Changes in our surroundings affect us in certain ways. Let us now consider these changes and their effects. These include:

Temperature is an important factor in the environment. We, humans, have a fixed body temperature and thus he makes us feel cold for temperatures lesser than ours and warn for temperatures higher than ours. Moreover, this also depends upon life experiences. People living in cold areas tend to be more sensitive to warm while people living in warm areas tend to react to cold temperatures. In this having the opposite temperature act in the demoralizing effects.

Health conditions such as air quality and availability of drinking water are also an integral part of life. Since having bad air quality and the unavailability of drinking water is a hazard to life, their presence is paramount. Thus, for suitable life conditions that motivate and facilitate work, these should be present and in abundance. For providing these indoors, contactors often have MEP estimating services.

Interiors or just the surrounding objects are an important part of our psychological health. Things that we look at and spend our time around cast a strong effect on our thoughts and perception. If these objects are as they should be. In other words, if they are good to look at and inspiring, the results would be beneficial, and if opposite will produce the opposite effects.


Our surrounding is important in how we work. They drive us to perform better and at the same time, they can kill our thoughts, motivation, and even ambition. In the case of the indoor environment, man is free to adjust and create the favorable conditions and in the case of the outdoor environment, man has to face the fire. Prominent factors include temperature, air & water, and surrounding objects.

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