Oftentimes, the master bedroom is among the most untidiest rooms around houses. You may be in this situation and wonder why this happens, the reason is actually very simple. Since this part of the home is rarely seen by any guests, it goes automatically to the back on the priority list of your cleaning routine, but an organized place to relax is always worth the extra effort. The truth is that the master room is also commonly seen as one of the preferred places when it comes to storing unwanted home items such as old home decor, towels or clothes. Although it is always a good investment to get a professional house organization service, in this article you can read some great advice to keep your bedroom organized.

Declutter is the way

The first step you need to take, before even starting to organize this special room, is making sure that you are done with the decluttering process. This is as simple as getting rid of all the things that you don’t need anymore, you can throw away those useless items that you no longer want and donate what is still in good condition. The point is to have only what you need in this place.

Get inspired

Since you want your bedroom to be a place of calmness, use your creativity to come up with ways in which you are going to be relaxed. How would you like this place to look? If you are the kind of person who enjoys training at home, make sure to have some free space close to the window, where you can place your mat and get some stretching. The same goes for any other hobby or routine that you would like to do at this special place, such as doing your makeup or spending some time reading your favorite books.

Focus on your bedside table

Do you remember every single item you have on your table next to the bed? If you tend to clutter this place with random items, chances are that you can’t name all you have in this strategic place. In order to keep an organized spot, you will want to have exclusively those things that you need before sleeping or when you get up, such as a glass of water, some pills or your current reading material. Everything else should be in the place it belongs. You can also have a little plant or some home decor that looks nice in this spot.

Reserve some space for yourself

Although the masterbed is often shared by two people, you can create a cozy space with only things that you enjoy. Taking some time to relieve the tension from your daily activities can really make the difference, and by having that special corner you increase the chances of actually spending some minutes of the day at pampering yourself. Do you like to pray? place a little table with some devotional prayers and images to reflect before you start your daily activities. Do you enjoy reading? get a small book shelf that invites you to relax after work.

Pay attention to your bed clothing

All of us have some additional bed linens that we will never use again, but store them just in case. If you are serious about decluttering and organizing strategies, you need to stop accumulating bed clothing. Sometimes we refuse to get rid of these because they are in optimal condition, but you can opt for giving them away as charity to someone who needs it, or to a dog shelter close to you. You can keep one or two sets of bed sheets but avoid piling up more than needed.

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