NBA is one of the most popular basketball leagues in the world. People from around the globe follow matches religiously. Fans will even go so far as to wear their favorite Milwaukee bucks jersey to watch games at home.

Many of the fans claim to know everything about the league and their favorite teams. However, given its rich 71-year history, there are things that even you might not know about. NBA has had a few wild instances over seven decades.

If you are a true fan, see how many of these facts you already know!

5 Interesting Facts About The NBA

While NBA matches are exceptionally entertaining to watch, a few lesser-known facts might blow your mind too. Find out things you didn’t already know about NBA!

1.     Shaquille O’Neal has only ever scored one 3-pointer

Shaq is one of the most famous NBA players in history. He has worked his way up to the top after being titles NBA champion four times and a 15-time NBA all-star. However, Shaq was only ever able to convert one three pointer in his career.

He attempted about 22 three-pointers in total but successfully converted one on 16 February 1996.

2.     NBA banned Air Jordans from the league

Air Jordans are one of the most popular basketball shoes ever created. These shoes were first launched in 1985 but were banned from the league. Players were expected to wear shoes that were either white or ones that matched their jerseys.

Initially, Jordans were red and black like the jersey colors of the Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan went against this ban and willingly accepted the $5000 fine charged before every game. Nike paid this fine on his behalf in return for the exceptional marketing.

3.     Kobe Bryant’s parents co-signed his first contract

When Kobe Bryant was first drafted for the NBA in 1996, he was only 18 years old. The rules back then stated that the players needed to be above 18 to sign any contracts. He was first drafted by the Charlotte Hornets and then transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers soon after.

Due to this age discrepancy, Bryant’s parents had to co-sign his first-ever contract to play in the league.

4.     Most NBA players go broke soon after retiring

A study conducted by Sports Illustrated states that about 605 of all NBA players go broke once they retire. It takes less than five years for them to lose all their money once they quit the league. It is hard to imagine players that earn millions for every game to be on the verge of desolation.

It is assumed that NBA players spend all their earnings on luxury items and fail to invest their money smartly. LeBron James is an exception to this trend. He has a team of experts looking after his finances, so he is secure even after retirement!

5.     Hakeem Olajuwon was challenged by Shaq for a 1v1

In 1995, Shaq played the finals with his team Orlando Magic against one of the best NBA centers ever, Hakeem Olajuwon. He was unable to win the finals and was frustrated to see Hakeem defeat him so terribly.

He challenged Hakeem to a one-on-one match because he believed he could take him down without Hakeem’s team. The event never happened, but it did stir up a lot of drama!

To conclude with

Every NBA season is packed with intense basketball games and even a little bit of drama. This season is looking up for many underdog teams as well. If you are a real fan, you can get your Milwaukee bucks jersey online today and catch your favorite team in action!

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