Selling and buying goods through the internet is the new normal for both consumers and sellers. Due to the increasing use of technologies like smartphones and the internet, everyone wants to get the desired products or services conveniently right from the comfort of their homes. This means, that modern consumers are becoming more demanding customers and prefer online shopping instead of going to the market and making in-store purchases. As a result, more and more companies are selling their products and services online. If you also want to start an online business, it is the right time to enter the industry and countless opportunities are waiting for you.

In this piece of writing, we will share the success story of Canada-based entrepreneur Mehtabjit Teja who is a renowned name in the e-commerce industry and an inspiration for beginners.

Who is Mehtabjit Tejs and What does He do?

Mehtabjit is a digital marketing professional and e-commerce expert from Canada. He started his journey in this digital sphere as a digital marketer by creating creative and result-driven digital campaigns for popular companies like HSBC bank and BestBuy. During his job at BestBuy, he learned a lot about the e-commerce industry and made a decision to join this digital marketplace as an entrepreneur. He started different small and medium-sized online brands to earn some experience and then launched his own online watch store Mehtabjit Teja Branzio.

Besides Branzio, he is the owner of 15+ online ventures selling a variety of products and services online worldwide. He uses his digital marketing skills and vast industry knowledge to grow a team of 75+ professionals that is managing his online empire of 15+ businesses. Mehtabjit is also a public and motivational speaker who appears on big e-commerce events to inspire and motivate beginners with his successful journey towards e-commerce and earning 8-figures with his multiple online brands. He is a role model for everyone who wants to enter the industry or thrive with an existing business.

Mehtabjit’s Advice on Starting and Scaling E-commerce Business

Mehtabjit is a successful serial entrepreneur and knows the potential of the e-commerce industry. E-commerce is a vast marketplace for businesses of all types to flourish and fulfill the changing needs of modern consumers.

One must choose a suitable & profitable niche, source a most demanding product, follow the right approach, and deliver an excellent experience on an e-commerce website to stay ahead of the game. Starting a new business in this digital world can be daunting but hard work, determination, consistency and patience are the important values online entrepreneurs must live by to achieve their goals, Mehtabjit said taraftarium24.

His speeches at several e-commerce-related events and conferences shed light on the e-commerce industry, the opportunities offered, and the way one can survive and thrive in the industry. In his interviews and speeches, he always delves deep into the topic of digital marketing and e-commerce, to help beginners choose the right approach for reaching their objectives.

Since having a competent team of professionals is important to manage several e-commerce tasks and jobs, investing in automation tools can make the life of online entrepreneurs a lot easier and hassle-free, Mrhtabjit said. Thanks to advanced technologies, online businesses are better able to promote their products online and communicate with customers in real-time to listen to their queries and respond accordingly. This helps e-commerce business owners a lot in building customer trust and credibility. As a result, they can scale their operations in the best way possible to stand out from competitors.

Be it choosing a suitable niche, selecting the right approach, developing an e-commerce website or scaling an existing business, Mehtabjit has vast experience and skills in everything to help beginners. He is always passionate about helping others so they can achieve their dream goals and avail the opportunities offered by the digital marketplace. 

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