When I originally needed to start a dropshipping business, I looked for programs on the internet. My goal was to find the best program on the market that would teach me how to do it and assist me in achieving my objectives.

I got curious about the Specter Ecommerce program the first time I stumbled on it on the internet. I did extensive research and read all articles about either Lorraine Chen or Specter eCommerce.

Reading those articles online made me think that It’s too good to be true. Earning more than $10,000.00 in less than a month? Is that even possible for a newbie in the dropshipping industry?

We all got affected by the current situation the world is facing right now and I don’t want to waste a single penny for nothing but I was born a risk taker, so I ended up taking Specter Ecommerce Program from Lorraine Chen and I want to share with you the truth about Lorraine Chen and If Specter Ecommerce is indeed a scam.

Lorraine Chen: A successful Entrepreneur

Lorraine Chen is an online marketing professional with years of expertise. Her programs teach aspiring business owners and newbies about becoming outstanding marketers and establishing the world’s best businesses without having to spend a lot of money up front. Lorraine’s team will teach you everything you need to know to launch a direct shipping business with cheap start-up costs.

Lorraine, herself runs several numbers of an online store that earns $100,000.00 monthly. Yes, you read it right: $100, 000.00, and  more in a month. Is this really possible? It’s YES!

Before founding Specter Ecommerce program, Lorraine was just like one of us, just like me, working in a 9-5 set-up. She formerly worked with Boba Tea House, then decided to create an online  program that would help in generating passive income. 

Being an expert in Shopify, dropshipping and Facebook marketing made the creation of Specter Ecommerce program possible. She also collaborates with professionals in the same field in the United States, making her program a high-end online course.

She has also accomplished four successful e-commerce enterprises, including direct shipping and Amazon FBA, to reach excellence in e-commerce.

Lorraine Chen is a very talented entrepreneur who is also willing to help people make their debut in dropshipping, a breakthrough, just like she did to me; I made my first $10,000.00 in just 30 days after finishing Specter Ecommerce. I never imagined I’d be this successful in such a short period, in the privacy of my own home, without the interference of a supervisor.

And I’m excited to share with you my journey with Lorraine Chen and her Specter Ecommerce program, because just like her, I want you to experience the same success and I want to erase the doubt you feel inside.

Specter Ecommerce Explained: An overview of the Specter Ecommerce structure

Specter Ecommerce is designed for individuals who don’t have any professional background or skills. It is also for those who don’t have that large sum of money to start up a business yet want  to have a passive income ( just like me).

Specter Ecommerce is an online program that teaches you how to build an ecommerce business and gives you the tools you need to succeed.

With Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce, you will learn everything about dropshipping. It’s a wonderful way to get started for anyone interested in learning more about eCommerce.

I felt the course structure to be simple and straightforward and adaptable. Lorraine Chen demonstrates how to build a lucrative online store that will earn millions of dollars in income per year to help you achieve your objectives.

You will be able to understand the fundamentals and essentials of the drop shipping industry. Lorraine will do a quick rundown on how the drop shipping industry operates around the world, as well as its history, and progress.

Every business has a goal to achieve to be able to call themselves successful. At Specter Ecommerce, you will learn how to build efficient and powerful marketing plans wherein  you can easily identify  your assets, shortcomings, capabilities, and prospects.

Specter Ecommerce direct shipping program will enable you in coming up with innovative ideas and actionable plans to help you grow your business.

Is this interest you now or having thoughts, it might be a scam?

Let me further breakdown the benefits you will get once you take the program.

I will be sharing with you my personal experiences taking up Specter Ecommerce and what it can do to your  business.

  • I earn $20.00 – $30.00 or more daily.
  • I learned how to ship products from China to AliExpress at higher prices.
  • I  acquired Dropshipping supplier list
  • Help you in choosing the right products to market in your store that can make you earn more than $10,000.00 in less than 30 days ( Yes! It is true, I did earn in less than 30 days)
  • Help you with your store design that can increase sales
  • How to get visitors to come to your dropshipping store.
  • Professional research, market analysis, and how to acquire supplier clearance
  • Training to immediately increase traffic to your direct shipping store
  • One -on-one coaching

Lorraine was very hands-on; she assisted me  every step of the way during the program and I really, really appreciate her as well as her team.

Still in doubt to take the Specter Ecommerce? Let me give you more reason to give in and believe that  Lorraine  Chen and Specter Ecommerce is not a scam.

In what ways will you benefit from joining Lorraine Chen’s Specter Program?

If you’ve been using sites like Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, WordPress, and Facebook, you will surely benefit from the lesson-specific features of Specter Ecommerce. I mentioned that the course outline is very easy to follow and adaptable. Do not worry about getting lost with the program because each topic is explained well.

Spectre Ecommerce is a 10 week program, but fret not; You have the option to go as fast as you want, but on average it takes about 1-2 weeks to sell your product.

Full access to the training materials even after you finish the program is one of the things I like about the Specter Ecommerce program. I can easily browse for the lesson whenever I want. 

This is indeed a wonderful product because it has thorough material, a reasonable price, and great extra features like ready-to-use templates.

Another overview of what you can get from Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce;

    • You can earn $500 a day just by choosing the right product for your store that only Lorraine Chen can strategize.
    • In 11 minutes, you can start generating sales from your online store with Specter Ecommerce “ 11- Minute Method”
    • Attract customers using Facebook Ads without spending too much money
  • And best of all, earning more than $10,000.00 in less than 30 days, just like I did.

Specter Ecommerce will teach you how to turn your website into a money-making generator. 

Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce: Amazing, isn’t it?

Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce is a life-changing decision I have made in my lifetime.

I was doubtful at first and took the risk, not knowing what would happen; would this work? Will I just waste my time? My money?

All these doubts and questions vanished in just a snap. Lorraine Chen’s way of handling things is very assuring and comforting. She personally uses the Specter Ecommerce program and is generating millions of  dollars, and this is what made me feel at ease. Lorraine Chen could do it; why can’t I? The risk I took was worth it as well as the money I spent taking the program, and I earn more than that, $10,000.00;Is the minimum that I earn in less than a month, technically I earn $10k -$20k monthly, which I doubt I could earn if i just watched Youtube video or online guides.

Free materials may be available online about dropshipping business, but it would not suffice. Having someone to personally answer your question, assist you, guide you, is something online material can not offer. You can  browse from one video to another just to find an answer, but still: If there’s no one like a coach or mentor. It will not be enough for me. It’s just a waste of time.

Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce is designed to guide individuals with zero experience in the dropshipping industry. Lorraine Chen and her team are giving advice to effectively increase your sales and level up skills, and they even make a call weekly to ensure that .

Customer service support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the time difference, you are still in. Somebody will be able to address any concerns you may have. You will also receive assistance both during and after the program.

Specter Ecommerce by Lorraine Chen Is Not a SCAM

I hope this whole article made you believe me that Lorraine Chen and Specter Ecommerce is not a SCAM.

This made sound true good to be true, but only Specter E Commerce can do this.

With all the others   I found on the internet, only Lorraine Chen’s stand out and top the search engine as the  legit and legal dropshipping course available.

Like you, I doubted taking this program even the moment I paid; I’m still doubtful and just took the risk.

Now, I’m one of those who testify how true the program is from one that is doubtful.

Specter Ecommerce by Lorraine Chen is LEGIT and LEGAL.

She has built a great foundation for informing individuals on how and when to grow their dropshipping businesses. And I forgot to mention that Specter Ecommerce  fee is not absurdly high, unlike others who claim that the high price you pay is worth it.

With Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce I can guarantee that the price you pay is more than it is worth especially if you are already starting to earn 7 digits .

Specter Ecommerce dropshipping course is legal and extensive enough for someone interested in learning the fundamentals of running a dropshipping business.

Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce program seeks to market things using research techniques. This will come in handy if you are just starting in business.

My personal Recommendation 

If you want to try Lorraine Chen’s Specter Ecommerce and make a lot of money online, like me, just visit their site. However, I will remind you that making money through it is not easy; it is well worth it. Lorraine Chen will always be there to give us the assistance that we need.

I highly recommend that you take this course because you will surely benefit from it like me, like all those she has helped via the Specter Ecommerce.

Her Specter Ecommerce direct shipping course is also regarded as one of the best direct shipping courses in 2021. She has amazing support and e-commerce elite that will educate you on all you need to know to build a relatively low shipping business.

Specter Ecommerce program strategy will provide you with process instructions, product reviews, and other useful materials to help you grow your direct shipping profitable business.

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