Can you believe that a whopping 16% of Americans claim to have dabbled in cryptocurrency?

Whether you’re interested in buying, selling, trading, or all of the above, it’s important to know where you can get crypto in the first place. It’s an unfortunate fact that many places require you to have an ID and more. This can end up being a hassle for people who want Bitcoin without handing over their sensitive data.

Are you asking yourself, “Is there an anonymous Bitcoin ATM near me?” Keep reading to learn all about where you can buy Bitcoin without an ID.

Bitcoin ATM Locations

When it comes to getting Bitcoin without verification, you can try buying some right here if you live in Chicago Illinois. This Bitcoin ATM chain has locations across the United States so all you need to do is check their website to see where the nearest one is.

There’s a chance that other ATM cryptocurrency brands are in your location, too. However, there’s no guarantee that these ATMs won’t ask for one or more forms of identification. The last thing you’d want to do is walk all the way there only to come back home with nothing to show for it.

You may be tempted to just hand over your ID but there’s no reason you should do something you’re not comfortable with. Simply put, privacy and Bitcoin should go hand-in-hand.

Where to Buy Bitcoin Elsewhere

There’s a chance that there are no anonymous Bitcoin ATMs near you. If that’s the case, don’t worry because there are some other options you can try.

For instance, there are several online platforms that give you permission to trade Bitcoin without KYC (Know Your Customer verification). BitFinex is one option.

Does the internet give you the willies? If you want to remain as off the grid as possible when buying Bitcoin, then you could even meet up with someone in person and do it that way. This method is only convenient once you find someone who is willing to meet with you to sell you their Bitcoins and who is near enough for it to be feasible.

If you can get over this hurdle, then you won’t have to worry about leaving a paper trail. Instead, you can hand over the cash and they can transfer the Bitcoin into your wallet.

Ready to Visit an Anonymous Bitcoin ATM Near Me?

Has a family member ever asked you, “Is there an anonymous Bitcoin ATM near me?” Now that you’ve learned all about it, you should explain in detail how they can buy Bitcoin without an ID.

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