Attorneys at Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys serve their client’s interests with the utmost care and professionalism. a social security legal company has recovered millions of dollars in payments for disabled persons and their families over the years. They are here to assist you if you have difficulty obtaining Social Security disability compensation.


Social Security disability payments may be available if you or a loved one cannot work due to a debilitating medical condition. Making a claim and getting your benefits is frequently tricky, as we’ve seen firsthand. They are dedicated to ensuring that disabled persons get and keep the total financial assistance they are entitled to. Phoenix lawyers, including handle Social Security disability cases

  • Social Security Disability 

This is the most important federal disability program, the Social Security Disability Insurance . You should have a significant work history to qualify for coverage since your payroll tax payments pay it. SSDI payments may also be available to a person’s spouse or children, depending on the person’s earning history. To learn more about the rights or alternatives, contact Phoenix SSDI attorneys.

  • Disabled Widow/Wife Benefits

Disabled widow/widower benefits enable a dead spouse’s earnings record to be used to claim for disability payments. If your impairment began before or inside seven years after the death of your spouse, you are eligible for these payments. In addition, there are a slew of complicated qualifying requirements. Phoenix Social Security disability lawyers can answer any inquiries you may have concerning the Disabled Widow.

  • Benefits For Disabled Adult Children

Through the companies ’ ability of one’s mother or father, a disabled adult may be qualified to receive Social Security disability payments. An adult kid must have acquired a handicap before their 24th birthday to be eligible for DAC compensation. Disabled Adult Child benefits may be recovered in Phoenix if you require assistance. Contact a disability lawyer for help.


Receiving a letter from the Social Security System denying your claim for disability benefits is one of life’s most trying experiences. If you are denied, you are entitled to an appeal. It’s usually a good idea to take a proactive approach. You should get a second opinion on your Social Security rejection as soon as possible from an expert specialist.

Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Benefits lawyers at Arizona Disability Attorneys aid their clients with appeals of the SSDI, SSI, DWIB, and DAC programs, among others. There is no limit on how far they will go to obtain the disability payments you are entitled to. The firm assists clients in reconsideration hearings challenges to the Administrative Law Judge and federal court.

The Phoenix Disability Benefits Attorneys Can Assist You In Several Ways

Disability claims for Social Security are complicated. Because many individuals cannot get the equal and complete financial advantages they are entitled to, it is unfortunate that this is the case. They have decades of cumulative disability expertise and are prepared to take urgent action to ensure that your rights are not infringed. Additionally, Phoenix Disability Benefits attorneys will:

  • Get an evaluation of your SSI and SSDI claim for free;
  • assistance with evidence and data acquisition in support of a claim and appeal; 
  • Make every effort to provide the most significant possible result for you and your family.

Their company represents people claiming Social Security disability benefits in their local area. As a result, the firm’s lawyers have a deep understanding of the courts in Arizona, unlike many other national and regional businesses. They have a lengthy history of satisfied customers, so that you can rely on their recommendations. If they win your Disability Benefits case, you owe them nothing.


You may depend on Phoenix Social Security disability attorneys at Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys for assistance with your claim. Help with SSI, SSDI, or any other sort of Disability Benefits is available, and they are eager to get started. Please phone or email them for a free, no-obligation consultation. Disability Benefits claims throughout Phoenix and the whole Maricopa County area.

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