In the event of a car accident, culpability will be determined in California. In the event that you are involved in a collision involving many vehicles in San Joaquin County, it is of the utmost importance that you are aware of how to preserve your right to get complete and just monetary recompense. Left-turn collisions are one of the most prevalent forms of accidents involving several vehicles. An in-depth guide on left-turn collisions in the state of California is provided here by a car accident attorney in Stockton.

Causes Of Left-Turning Car Accidents

A detailed investigation of incidents involving several vehicles was carried out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the findings of the government agency, the primary contributor to the majority of multi-vehicle collisions is negligent driving on the part of at least one of the drivers involved. According to the findings of a study conducted by the NHTSA, the primary contributory factor in about one out of every five multiple-vehicle collisions was a left turn.

Turns to the left have the potential to be hazardous. The majority of right turns do not need the turning motorist to pass over a lane of oncoming traffic; nevertheless, a large portion of left turns do necessitate this. Particularly hazardous are left turns that are not covered. A left turn that is not protected is one in which the vehicle or vehicles that are approaching from the opposite direction have the right-of-way, which means that the motorist who is turning left must yield to them.

Each Automobile Accident Requires A Complete Analysis

The vast majority of left-turn-related collisions occur on unprotected left-turns. These are the left-turns in which the motorist who is making the turn is not given the right-of-way by a red light, stop sign, or any other sort of traffic signal. Because cars making left turns are expected to yield at unprotected left turns, it is often more probable that left-turning drivers will be found legally at blame for accidents of this sort.

Even in the situation of an unprotected left turn, the state of California does not automatically assign culpability to the motorist who was turning left in the event of an accident involving a left turn. In the state of California, the law mandates that every single collision involving a motor vehicle be subject to a comprehensive and in-depth inquiry. Because of this, fault (as well as liability) will be assigned in a manner that is proportional to each party’s degree of responsibility for the collision.

Making A Claim For Damages Following A Left Turn Accident

In the aftermath of a collision involving a left turn, it is very necessary for you to be equipped with the information and resources necessary to safeguard your financial interests. Compensation is necessary for injured victims so that they may take care of their financial obligations and the individuals who are important to them. At Redkey Gordon Law Corp., we work relentlessly to assist injured clients in obtaining the highest possible settlement or judgement for their case. You could be eligible to receive monetary compensation for the following in the event of an accident involving a left turn:

  • Automobile repairs;
  • The expense of an ambulance;
  • Care provided at an emergency department;
  • Hospital bills;
  • Other associated medical costs;
  • Misplaced earnings;
  • Loss of ability to generate money;
  • Experiencing agony and sorrow;
  • Mental Depression;
  • Corroding;
  • Disabilities; and
  • Unjustified loss of life

Conclusion And Remark

An attorney who specialises in auto accidents works hard to ensure that insurance companies are held responsible for paying out claims. They have assisted wounded plaintiffs in securing personal injury damages totaling over $25 million for themselves. Give them a call right now or send them a direct message to schedule a cost-free and obligation-free care evaluation. They represent people who have been injured in automobile accidents around the county, especially in Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, and Manteca.

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