Custom merchandise is one of the best ways to advertise your band while also allowing your fans to feel a deeper connection to the group.  Whether you’re a newer band, or you’re a fan favorite, and you’re looking to diversify what you offer: selling merchandise is a must.

This is how to sell custom band merch online without having to handle the inventory.  

Step One: Consider What Your Audience Wants

If you have a sizable following on any social media platform, it’s time to ask your fans what they want!  Put out a poll asking what type of merchandise they want, from tee-shirts to buttons, stickers, etc.  If there’s a large enough response, you can put out multiple types at once, but this will call for a larger time investment since you’ll have to look for good companies for these.  If this is the first time you’ve sold merch, it’s best to go simple with tee-shirts or stickers to start with.

Step Two: Create a Fantastic Logo

One of the best ways to sell band merch is to have awesome designs on it.  Your band’s logo is a great way for your band to be instantly recognizable and to give your fans something to connect to.  Hire a professional to create a logo that represents your band perfectly while also having them sign off that you can use it in any way possible.

Step Three: Research Websites and Companies

Look at different companies, from Merch Booth to Redbubble, and consider their quality, their reputation, and how fans interact with them.  You want to pick a site that allows you to control things like the size of the logo, that has good customer service, and that understands your band’s taste.  

This company will be handling everything from producing, shipping, and processing orders: so they need to be someone you can trust with your band’s brand.

Step Four: Upload Your Design and Customize

Uploading your design and customizing your merch is one of the easiest steps!  You’ll more than likely have to come up with a description of your band and some keywords that will help people find your merchandise and connect with your band.  This is a fun part because you get to watch your band merchandise come to life.  Make sure all members sign off on it before you complete this step!

Step Five: Advertise Merchandise to Your Fans

Let your fans know what and where you’re selling!  Post an exciting announcement about where people can go for your merchandise, and include a link to it.  You should also put this link on the profile or bio of your social media accounts so that people can find it easily.  Then: sit back and enjoy the income as it rolls in!

Your Merch Can be a Success Without Too Much Work!

Although merchandise used to cost an arm and a leg to pay upfront for its production and shipping: you don’t have to deal with that anymore!  Consider having a company take care of it for you. 

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