Shelves can be a versatile solution to your storage needs, offering you a choice of materials and sizes, as well as options to fit them on your walls, in corners or to have freestanding units.

Shelves can be made from plastic, metal and wood. Plastic shelves will be the most cost effective and are lighter to handle than metal and wood. On the other hand, a plastic shelf may not be suitable for heavy items as they will be less sturdy than the other two options.

Metal shelves can take heavy loads and are a durable option. In damp and humid environments, however, some metal shelves may be prone to rusting and condensation, so that should be taken into consideration. When it comes to wooden shelves there is a variety to choose from. Hardwoods like maple and oak are very popular but chipboard and plywood are cheaper, effective alternatives. Wooden shelves can be more cost effective than other materials and are great for storing more lighter tools and materials.


Metal storage cabinets can be a countless adding to the garage, chiefly if you have anxieties about admission to your substances. You can use cupboards to ensure broods cannot get their pointers on tools or other potentially dangerous items, and keep your garage observing spotless and tidy. There are both self-supporting and wall-mounted choices, and the unique you select will be contingent on your precise needs.

For better safety you can find many cupboards with lockable doors or drawers – or you container fit a padlock physically. It’s value seeing this, as garages are characteristically less safe than the break of your stuff.

Cabinets can be made from plastic, metal and wood. For a lighter cabinet, especially if you tend to move things around, plastic can be a good choice.  Metal cabinets are a sturdier and more durable option, in which you can store heavier tools or boxes. Last but not least wooden cabinets can look more aesthetically pleasing and can have different finishes for a smarter look.

Roller cabinets

Functionality-wise, roller cabinets perform the same way as stationary ones but they have wheels for more mobility. There are a variety of sizes for roller cabinets. They can come with shelving, drawers or a combination of the two. Many will have adjustable shelving which will allow you to make changes in future to the configuration. Roller cabinets can have different depths, so try to not buy blindly before you are sure your items will fit inside. If you need to store smaller items a cabinet made mostly of drawers may be perfect for you, as it will allow you to organise them and have them at the tip of your fingers whenever you need them.

Like anything else, roller cabinets come in different materials so you can choose something that will be functional and fit into your budget:

Steel cabinets are sturdy, have a longer life and can hold heavier objects. Unfortunately, they are not waterproof and can become quite heavy.

Plastic cabinets are light, often waterproof and affordable. However, they are more limited in the weight they can hold.

Wood laminate cabinets are light, easy to maintain and affordable. However, like plastic, they are not recommended for heavy objects. They are also not suitable storage for chemicals.

Hardwood cabinets are usually the heaviest option. They are also extremely durable

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