If you are the type of girl who loves to rock exquisite looks on a regular basis, we are sure that wearing an immaculate handbag is always something you are looking for. However, using a good-looking bag is not only a matter of looks, keeping it in good shape prevents you from spending large amounts of money over and over. So, you might as well see taking care of your personal bags as a matter of protecting your economy, especially if you think long-term. In the following paragraphs, we will give you some useful tips and tricks that you can practice to take care of your bags, whether you have a tiny purse or a big tote bag.

1. Make a customized base

Think about all the items you pack into your bag everyday. Now, all of these come in various shapes, weights and sizes, making it hard to fit well in your bag’s shape, which is often rectangular. This single aspect of the use that you give to your bag is very often ignored by most people, and it actually plays a major role. What you need to do here is to create a uniform base out of a hard material, such as thick, resistant cardboard and it must have the same size and shape as the base of your bag. This little and easy-to-make trick will make wonders as it will even the load. If you find that the protection is somewhat weak, you can add another layer of the same material and size.

2. Store in a safe place

Placing your bag in a nice storage is a very important factor to avoid any unnecessary harm. Just think about how much it can damage your bag when you stack it in your closet among many other heavy things. If you do that, you might as well say goodbye to your good looking bag. Our recommendation is to hang your purse, make sure that it is loose, and avoid having many bags or accessories around. If you will stop wearing your bag for a long time, you may consider using clear bubble packaging material to wrap it, and you can stuff it with paper (especially if the fabric of your bag is soft), additionally, you can place it in an horizontal position instead of a straight upright one, in this way you will protect your bag and keep it in good shape.

3. Use special protection

As much as this might be a surprise for the huge majority of people, apparently small factors, such as light and dust can have a great impact on the way your bags look in the long run. While the dust might encapsulate water particles, the light can modify the color of your bag. You can find these special covers on the internet, and after you have stored them in these bags, just ensure that you place them in a cool, dark place. Although this extra activity in your care-routine can seem time consuming, you are protecting the investment made on your handbags, which pays off in the long term.

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