It is entirely possible if you want to improve your existing eyelash boxes. Redesigning your product’s packaging is the easiest way to rise above the competition. Smart business owners are always trying to improve their products in any way possible. While enhancing the product itself might seem like the only way to advance your progress, however, that is not always the case. Something as simple as a packaging design overhaul will give your brand the much-needed boost that you need to get ahead of the competition. Most brands that already have a solid customer base want to boost their eyelash brand but aren’t sure how they can achieve it. Since packaging is an essential part of your product, you can always make adjustments to it and make it more user-friendly in the process. With that said, often, brands think that their existing packaging is doing everything already and aren’t sure how they can improve it. If you plan to improve your existing lash box but aren’t sure how to approach it, this article is for you. Because we will help you determine how exactly you can improve your eyelash boxes, so read on. 

Upgrade The Materials of Your Lash Box

If you plan to upgrade your lash box, it is always good to start upgrading the basics. The container materials can come in any number of forms, and there is always room for improvement by upgrading the materials and giving the box a complete overhaul. If you are currently using corrugated lash boxes, a good upgrade would be to use more rigid materials with a more premium finish to improve the look and feel of your lash boxes. Your customers will feel the difference when your lash box feels more solid and heavier.

Customers perceive a more rigid packaging as a sign of quality, and a more rigid packaging can also make your product safer. Since most eyelash sales are taking place online, you have to ensure that the product reaches its destination safely when delivered. The most significant danger your lashes face when being delivered is the risk of being damaged due to impacts, or in more severe cases, there is a risk that your lashes may get crushed. However, you provide added protection when you go from flimsy packaging material to a more rigid one for your lash boxes. So a simple yet effective upgrade, if you want to improve your lash boxes, would be to start using a better material with more strength and better textures to manufacture your lash boxes. 

Start Using Eco-friendly Packaging

While eco-friendly packaging was considered an option in the past, it has become integral for brands to be more environmentally conscious and use sustainable packaging. Some regulations restrict brands from using certain types of packaging, including plastic and other ecologically harmful packaging forms. If your brand fails to comply with these regulations, it can result in fines and leave a bad name for your brand. So an excellent way to improve your existing packaging would be to go from non-eco-friendly packaging to bio-degradable packaging.

This simple improvement will take your brand’s reputation to a new level because environmentally conscious customers prefer to buy from brands that care about the environment. Besides, upgrading to green packaging can ensure you are safe from the risk of being non-compliant with the environmental protection laws. Some examples of eco-friendly packaging include paper-based and cardboard packaging materials. Eco-friendly packaging makes recycling simpler for consumers. Even if people fail to reuse biodegradable materials, they naturally decompose and do not harm the environment. 

Get Your Packaging Redesigned by Professionals

When you are really planning on giving your lash boxes a complete overhaul, instead of making some simple improvements to them, you have the option to get professional help. Packaging companies have experienced designers that can take an ordinary packaging design and completely overhaul it by adding more design and style elements. Something as simple as adding inserts to a lash box can completely change how it operates. Softer inserts pose a lower risk of damage to your lashes because they don’t put any pressure on your soft lashes, unlike plastic-based ones.

The more significant upgrade would be to work with the designers at a packaging company and help modify the graphics, design, shape, and overall aesthetics of the lash box. You would be surprised how good your eyelash box starts to look once it has been retouched by a professional. These professional packaging designers use specialized tools and techniques to ensure that the result is at par with your expectations. Contrary to common belief, an experienced packaging designer will not work independently. You can provide them with your input and work closely with them until you are satisfied with the new design. Packaging companies also allow you to test the newly redesigned boxes to ensure they are actually a good fit for your product.

Make The Packaging More User Friendly

You can’t go wrong with adding more value to your offering, and making the lash boxes more user friendly is the simplest way to improve them. Let’s put it this way the packaging is not just a way for customers to identify your brand and throw it away after buying it. Customers can actually store lashes in the same container they bought them after using them once or twice. That means an easy to close and open box with a durable design can improve the user experience for customers.

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Lash box manufacturers can add easy to open lids, trays and sliding mechanisms to your existing containers to make them more user friendly. 

FAQs about eyelash boxes 

Do Eyelash Boxes Come With Free Shipping?

Some companies offer eyelash boxes with free shipping, and they are a great way to save up on shipping costs which can then be used to develop your business.

Can Lash Boxes Come With Lamination?

Laminations and embossings can be done to any packaging article, and lash boxes are no exception. You can choose existing lamination options available at most packaging manufacturers, or you can get custom laminations made just for your brand.

How Long Can A Packaging Redesign Take?

It depends on the complexity and the number of changes you need to make to your existing packaging design. Once you have agreed upon the packaging design, the actual manufacturing and delivery process takes around two weeks to deliver.

Sometimes it is better to make subtle changes to your existing packaging rather doing trying to reinvent the wheel. It is more cost-effective and takes less time than when you start designing a new lash box altogether. We hope the methods we shared for redesigning lash boxes will help you improve your existing lash box.

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