No matter where you turn, mosquitoes are a common occurrence in Canada during the summer. Anytime you enjoy your evening outside, you will be hearing a high-pitched whine and a quick bite by mosquitoes. For some people, this leaves weird-looking scars that should be gotten rid of immediately.

Sometimes, when mosquitoes bite, an itching welt is left right there, and it will get better within a few hours for most people. However, there are a few highly sensitive people, who can stay with the symptoms for several days or weeks. A small itchy area of your skin may turn reddish and become an eyesore.

Do not scratch

The itching may be intense, and you may be tempted to scratch that surface. The more you scratch, the more you will be creating some small openings where bacteria can enter into your body and this may lead to infections.

To ensure that the itch is stopped, and also to minimize the chances of the area getting mosquito bites, here is what you should do.

1. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and clean water

This should always be the first thing to do as it helps to keep the skin area that has been bitten in a super clean condition.

2. Apply an anti-itch cream

There are numerous kinds of creams that help to reduce or completely do away with itching after a mosquito bite. One of the many available choices is the calamine lotion. Look around and find out which anti-itch lotion or cream you can use and it will help to calm the itching.

3. Use an ice pack

An ice pack that is placed on the surface of the bite three times a day can help clear it quickly. But you should leave it there for about 20 minutes each time because that is what it takes to have a good effect on your skin. However, you have to be careful with using ice packs that are very cold because this could cause irreparable damage to your skin.

4. Use antihistamine

The reason why those scars appear on your body is that you are allergic to mosquito bites. One of the over-the-counter medications to use is anti-histamines. Depending on the one that you choose, you should be able to get well within a short time frame.

Can mosquito bites be avoided?

According to best mosquito yard control experts, mosquito bites can be prevented. You can limit the probability of you being bitten by a mosquito at any given time by using methods that have been proven to work.

The first among them is to ensure that you drain pools of water that exist on your property. These are natural breeding grounds for mosquitoes and you will be having more of these insects in your home if your property has a breeding ground for them.

Moreover, you can have repellants and mosquito lamps outdoors. While sleeping inside a gazebo, or in your bedroom, you should always ensure that you have a net over you.

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