If you are here, then it is quite evident that you are looking for the right answer about how you can track someone’s phone location.

You will be happy to know that we have the best solution for you to keep an eye on your partner. This technology can be used for keeping an eye on someone as well as to ensure their safety and security.

Do you want to track a cell phone location for free?

With the help of an online tool, Snoopza, you can track the phone location of anyone you want. To know more about this tool and how it can work, read on.

What is cell phone location and how to use it?

If you are using a smartphone device, then you will be aware of the word cell phone location.

The location determines the position of the device with the help of the satellites.

This is determined by the help of a system named GPS or global positioning system. You can use the location of the device by simply switching on an option that is present on your cell phone.

Once your GPS location is on, anyone the access to eight can track your device location. With the help of this GPS present in the smartphone, you can also track someone else’s device location using a phone tracking app or tool.

Different methods of covert mobile device tracking

There are mainly two methods of tracking mobile devices covertly.

These two ways are:

  1. Using Find My Device’: when you have lost your phone or anyone you know has lost their phone, you can use the option “Find My Device“. This method needs some useful information like the mail ID and the password linked with the phone you are tracking. Hence, you have to be aware of a lot of confidential data to be able to use this method.
  2. Using a cell phone tracker app: on the other hand, this is a much efficient way to carry on a covert mobile device tracking plan. You simply have to install this application or the tool on the device of the person whose phone you want to track. After that, you can easily login into the app and track the cell phone location and other important details thoroughly.

So, if you want to track someone’s phone location, you can use a mobile tracking app like Snoopza for the best and effective result.

How to track your partner using the Snoopza phone location online?

Using Snoopza you can track a cell phone location for free.

It is quite easy to track your partner using this app. All you have to do is to sign up and create an account on Snoopza.com and then install the app from your account on your partner’s phone.

After that, logging into your online account for tracking the location of the partner’s mobile device.

Not only this app allows you to track the location, but it also helps in tracking messages, calls, baby Street, SMS, and many more.

Hence this app is considered one of the best apps which can help you to know the present location of your partner’s mobile device.

What Snoopza tracks cell phones?

Snoopza can track your cell phone in different ways.

It is one of the most powerful solutions for Android smartphones and other devices for tracking cell phones.

With the help of snoop the track cell phone app, you can keep an eye on many things such as location, calls, contacts, SMS, and more.

The Snoopza cell phone tracker works in stealth mode i.e. it remains invisible on mobile devices.

So, the person whom you are tracking will not know that this app is running on their devices.

This tracker app is a free monitoring application that you can download on your kids’ or partners’ smartphone devices to keep a tab on their locations or activities.

Top functions of Snoopza

Some amazing benefits make Snoopza online tracker an efficient app.

The Snoopza is a free cell phone tracker app that offers top functions. These are:

  • Call records of your partner
  • Tracks the present location of the device
  • Record the outgoing and incoming calls of your partner
  • See and manage the text messages on any device
  • Spy on their social media accounts like Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and WhatsApp
  • Take and manage screenshots of the devices
  • To go through the contacts and to-do list
  • Track the web browser history
  • Tracking their phone’s camera and gallery
  • Detection of any replacement of SIM card in the device

Thus, with the help of this application, you can track the location of your cell phone for free and without hassle.

How safe is it to use Snoopza cell phone location online?

Snoopza is a modern-day cell phone tracker app that you can download for free and sign up for keeping an eye on your kid’s or partner’s activities on your phone.

This is a very useful tool that is also completely safe to use. This application can run on any Android device with Version 4 or higher.

Once you set up the application on the targeted phone, you can monitor every call, SMS, location, and internet activity through this app.

You have to login into this app with the help of your email address and a password that you have set while creating an account.

Only the people who know these credentials can access your account and keep track of the phone’s location, calls, gallery, and other important data. No one can log in or track these data without knowing the credentials.

So, the Snoopza cell phone tracker is completely safe to use for tracking locations online. This app is not a scam and can be white useful as this app is hidden and functions in secret mode.

Pricing policy

The application has free functionality it is enough for basic tracking capabilities.

Plan Basic Plan Standard Professional
1 Month Free $14,95 $29,95
3 Months Free $34,95 $49,95
1 Year Free $99,95 $99,95

If you need advanced spying features then Snoopza has paid features. Of course, if you like the app, you can buy it for the time you need at a low price.


The Snoopza app can help you to find any phone’s location simply by installing it into the targeted phone.

Whether you want to keep an eye on your partner’s activity or you want to track a lost phone, this app can be quite beneficial for you.

It can efficiently help to track a cell phone location for free.

What are you waiting for? Create a free account today and download the app now! It can be quite beneficial for you.

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