Gold Chains are one of the trendiest and popular accessories nowadays. In the past, gold chains were only associated with rappers and pop culture and people who could have a respectable position in society. But now we see that almost all men and women who have a love for jewelry own gold chains. 

Gold chains are statement jewelry. You can wear it with any outfit, and at any event, it won’t look weird. Instead, it will compliment your outfit and make you look classier and more sophisticated. Adding gold accessories and chains will boost the aesthetic of the look and will make it more appealing to the eyes. 

Things you need to know about Gold Chains: 

You can get any gold chain and wear it with your clothes, but it needs to look good and should be the trending style of the gold chain. Shopping for 14K gold chains online can be very risky as you don’t know the styles and look of the chains. So here is a guide that will simplify any difficulty you might face while purchasing the gold chains for yourself. 

Different Types of Gold Chains: 

While purchasing gold chains, the first and foremost thing you need to know is the different types of gold chains. Following is a list of the trendiest gold chain for men and women. 

Herringbone Chain: 

The first type of Gold Chain is the Herringbone Chain. It is named the Herringbone because this chain’s structure is very similar to a bone of herringbone fish. The structure has thin, flexible metal that is flat in shape and bent in the middle to create the perfect herringbone structure. 

When a person wears this chain, it lies flat with the skin; therefore, it looks very classy and is also extremely comfortable to wear. 

Cuban Link Gold Chain: 

The next style is the most stylish and trendiest shape for the gold chains. Mostly you will see men wearing this chain with their outfits. The Cuban chain can be defined as the interlocking of the pieces in the chain. Oval or round gold rings are linked together to create a uniform pattern for the chain. You can also find different interlock sizes and widths, making them either thin chains or thick chunky chains. 

Since this style of the gold chain is a fashion, the pricing can vary from a few hundred to a thousand depending on whether you are buying real gold or not. 

Figaro Gold Chain: 

Among the different types of gold chains, the Figaro gold chain style is surely in the top 3. It is a very delicate and petite chain that looks extremely elegant and regal when you wear it. 

If we talk about the design, the Figaro gold chain has small flat rings interlocked together to make a perfect thin chain. Two or three circular rings are also added in between the flat rings to give it a texture and 3D look. 

Rope Gold Chain: 

As the name suggests, this gold chain represents a rope. It is one of the oldest designs for the gold chain, but it is still in style. In this gold chain, several gold pieces are licked together, and these pieces are twisted and wrapped around each other to give a rope shape, hence named Rope Gold Chain. 

It is one of the most loved and eye-catching designs that most people like to purchase and add to their collection. 

Snake Gold Chain: 

The Snake Gold Chain resembles the skin and the texture of a snake. Hence, the gold pieces are tightly fixed together in this chain to create a snakeskin pattern. These chains are usually flat on the skin and look incredibly beautiful and elegant. 

There are many other designs and styles of gold chains, but a few mentioned above are the ones that are the most stylish and trending at the moment. 

Ball or Bead Gold Chain: 

If you are trying to look for a simple yet classy chain, the Ball or Bead Gold Chains can be the perfect option. In this chain, a series of tiny balls or beads and connected to make a chain. You can find two types of connections; either the balls are connected close to each other without any gap, or some chains have space between the balls. 

It generally works when you want to give a cool street-like effect, but you need to pair them with a pendant alone; they won’t look as good as other chains do. 

Cable Gold Chain: 

It is one of the basic styles of gold chains that almost everyone has in their collection. Square or circular gold blocks are interconnected to form the cable structure. 

It is also one of the durable and strongest styles in gold chains as the cable structure provides strength to the chain. These chains also look pretty if you wear them alone, and you can even pair them with a pendant. 

Metals Used with Gold Chains: 

Generally, people like to buy gold chains that are simple and elegant. They don’t like to mix any other metal with it since it can decrease the quality of the chain. But if you want, you can get some other metal as a part of the chain, or you can use different metals to make the pendant of the chain. 

You can use white gold with the gold and create a multitone effect. Or you can use platinum with it and make a unique style. But according to the jewelers and manufacturers, it is best to use gold alone and don’t mix any other metal with it. 


Getting a gold chain can be very stressful as you are investing a lot of money, and over that, if you are not familiar with the different styles of chains, it can be more difficult for you. Mentioned above are some of the chains’ most popular and trending designs. These styles are strong and durable; these can be worn with any outfit and on any occasion.

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