Social Media has become the most effective and efficient way to reach out for business or personal promotion. Virtual phone number have been in use for over a decade, and are widely used by celebrities and public figures to protect their privacy from the public. In fact, a virtual number can be used as a calling card for your business.

Verifying your social media accounts can be important for your business, even if you aren’t using them for eCommerce transaction purposes. SMS-MAN website provides virtual numbers for receiving SMS messages. Anybody can use our phone numbers to receive SMS with verification codes and create online accounts in popular social networks, messengers, applications, and any platform. This website offers VoIP and non-VoIP numbers to only receive SMS messages.

SMS-MAN is a virtual number service for the texting service providers, which gives the opportunity to receive SMS and bypass mobile verification through fake numbers of 350 countries. Phone numbers for sms verification from SMS-MAN are only useful for receiving SMS.

For example, if you want to register an account on Instagram, you can get a virtual number and get a confirmation code via SMS in your SMS-MAN account directly. Then enter the code to complete registration. That’s all!

A person can create a new online presence with just one phone number. You can use SMS-MAN to register your account in any Internet service that requires SMS confirmation. For example, you can create new Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and VK accounts. You can also use SMS-man to create an account in PayPal, TikTok, and other services.

Do you need virtual numbers to verify your social media accounts? Now get virtual numbers from SMS-MAN. You can get a US number and verify your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and VK accounts. You can also use SMS-man to create an account in Amazon, PayPal, TikTok, and other services.

Reasons to Use a Virtual Phone Number

VoIP business service providers are an increasingly popular choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Virtual phone numbers are a cheap and easy way to get more out of your business. There are a lot of reasons why virtual phone numbers are so useful, but here are 6 of the top reasons why you should use them:

1) Your existing clients can reach you wherever you are.

2) You can get around to annoying restrictions from your existing providers.

3) You can save money by avoiding international calls.

4) You can get a local number anywhere in the world, including exotic locations!

5) It’s easy to set up and take down when you need it to be – no messy contracts!

6) You can change your virtual number if you move premises or run a promotion – just swap one for another!

7) You can create multiple social media accounts for personal and business purposes.

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