When looking for baby toys, always choose the suitable toys to help your little one develop his skills as much as possible!

Babies one year and younger don’t seem to do many things yet, but don’t assume babies can’t and don’t need to play!

They love playing and discovering everything around them!.

Babies can benefit from the toys they play with. Of course, toys that are appropriate for their age level.

By choosing toys and activities that match what your little one is ready to do, you can make the best use of his waking hours and get started on an effective learning process!

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Recommended Baby Educational Toys

Here are some recommendations for educational toys for the development of babies under 1 year old!

1. Musical GYM

It’s exploration time on the floor! 

Play gym is a classic educational toy that your kid can enjoy his tummy time or sit and playtime safely and in a fun way.

Play gyms are great for exercising a baby’s muscles and can help develop hand-eye coordination.

Usually, the play gym is equipped with various toys, such as bells, mirrors, dolls, and other accessories.

2. Blocks 

Here are the most popular baby toys of all time…

Blocks that can be inserted according to their shape are also educational toys for baby development.

This toy can improve fine motor skills as well as problem-solving skills.

Babies can also recognize shapes and colors. This type of toy is recommended for babies 6 months and up.

3. Musical Toys

Music can have a calming effect and stimulate the development of the sense of hearing.

Try putting on some soothing songs, or you can sing along too!

Your voice is his favorite voice for babies and the most familiar to him, mommy!

4. Teethers – in different shapes

These teethers are suitable for helping babies 2 or 3 months old practice gripping.

They also come in many colors and shapes to choose your favorite. 

Your little one will be interested in playing it.

Parents can choose a teether toy that can also be attached to the stroller.

5. Bath Book Toy

Introducing your little one to books can be done from an early age.

With a soft book, your little one will see many interesting pictures and train their muscles and fingers when opening the book.

These books are usually equipped with various baby stimulations, such as different textures on each page.

Reading stories improves the baby’s hearing sense and trains him to focus and concentrate.

6. Balls

Although it is more associated with stimulation of physical movement abilities, the ball can also train babies’ brains to recognize momentum and motion.

When the ball is thrown, it will bounce to a certain point so that your little one can recognize the reflection pattern.

Of course, this is latent learning that you do not immediately see the results.

In addition, by looking at the ball’s movement when it bounces, usually, the little one’s reflex is to follow the reflection of the ball.

The ability to recognize distance and speed can be honed here when you play throw and catch the ball with your little one.

This form of intelligence is indeed difficult to measure, but it is needed by the baby to recognize the space and moving objects around him.

The Takeaway

Play is an excellent way for parents and caregivers to build a vital bond with their babies. At the same time, sensory stimulation (on toys) will help the baby’s brain grow and develop.

So, those are some recommendations for educational toys for your little one.

To complement the stimulation given, parents must also meet their kids’ daily nutritional needs with the intake of nutritious food.

It turns out that there are quite a lot of educational toys for babies, right? Take a look at the 8 Best Sensory Toys For Babies to choose one for your baby.

Written By: Dema JS

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