The ice cream market is actively developing: according to statistics for 2021, the market volume is 398.8 thousand tons, and in value terms, which is 1% higher than this figure for 2019.The highest prices for ice cream are inherent in the markets. Ice cream sales enterprises are presented in several formats and differ in assortment content. In general, the formats can be divided into a point on the street, an island in a shopping center with seats or only with a takeaway function, and a full-fledged ice cream parlor. Speaking about the assortment, it is possible to sell ready-made (packaged) ice cream, produced by weight or combine both formats.  The purpose of this article is to discuss ice cream truck for sale and how to start an ice cream truck business.

Ice cream truck business on the street

As a rule, this business is represented by a small point, consisting of a refrigeration unit and an umbrella. This format is the least expensive: it allows you to reduce the cost of renting a room, remove seats. On the other hand, the “external” point works in the summer, in the cold season there are few people who want to buy ice cream. Moreover, location is a key factor in the popularity of an enterprise. Consideration should also be given to such factors as connecting to electricity and storing equipment at night. To solve the problem of connecting to electricity, you can purchase a portable power generator or negotiate with neighboring outlets and install an extension cable, paying part of the electricity fee. Storage of equipment and products is also recommended to be carried out in the nearest shopping mall, store,

Ice cream locations

The profit of the business also depends on the passability of the point, so the enterprise must be located in busy places, away from competitors. A successful location can shorten the payback period to 1-3 months.

The most suitable crowded places:

  • park, amusement park,
  • beach,
  • playground,
  • central Street,
  • next to a large shopping center, bus stop, metro station,
  • close to educational and entertainment facilities.

Ice cream business in the shopping center: island

Placing an island in a shopping center increases the cost of renting the premises, however, it solves a number of problems associated with the placement and storage of equipment, and connection to electricity. It is worth remembering the competition for crowded places in shopping malls: as a rule, landlords give preference to large brands and well-known establishments.

Open an ice cream parlor

An ice cream parlor, a place with seats – an expensive concept for opening an ice cream point: investments reach 2 million $ or more. The cafe can be located in a shopping complex or in a separate room. Placing a cafe in a separate room is more laborious: it entails large initial costs for equipment and the development of a complete design project that takes into account sanitary and fire standards.

Regardless of the location, it is necessary to zone the premises for the production sector, warehouse, change house, hall for visitors.

Packaged ice cream Truck business

The sale of packaged ice cream is relatively easy to organize, so there is high competition in the segment – such enterprises selling hard ice cream are very widely represented on the street, as well as in stores, in separate refrigerators.

To launch your point, you need to find suppliers – to diversify the range, you can cooperate with several product suppliers, then you need to conclude an agreement with them and receive product certificates.

soft ice cream truck business

This segment of ice cream establishments is one of the most popular, in which large chains are developing under the franchising scheme. Investments in opening a point by large companies with experience in the market range from 310 thousand to 7 million $. The payback period of such concepts is from 3 months to 2 years.

The profit from the production and sale of one unit of production (one ball per 100 grams) is higher than from the sale of the same volume of packaged ice cream. For the production of soft ice cream, a freezer and special raw materials are needed. Weighted ice cream is made from dry mixes that are mixed with water or milk and placed in a freezer. Mixtures can be of different tastes, it is recommended to purchase different types for a variety of assortment. Waffle cones, cups and spoons are also purchased.

Fried ice cream truck business

Fried Ice Cream – A Thai roll-shaped treat made with soft ice cream mix. The mixture is poured onto the surface of a special freezer, evenly distributed, after hardening, the filling is added, then the resulting cake is cut into pieces, which are folded into rolls. Dessert is served in cups with a spoon.

This concept does not require large investments: you need to buy an ice cream freezer, which does not require specialized training. There are several nuances in the choice of equipment: it is desirable that the freezer pans have a shallow depth and be 45-50 centimeters in diameter, and the height of the body corresponds to the position of the outstretched arm – so that it is convenient to prepare ice cream. It is also believed that for points with low traffic it is possible to purchase a freezer with one cooling surface, for enterprises with a large number of orders – with two.

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