The employee who has been injured at the workplace and now seeks financial assistance files a workers’ compensation claim. If he has received severe injuries or illness due to the nature of work, he is entitled to receive the medical expenses and loss of wages due to the injury. It is highly recommended to get in touch with a Virginia Beach workers’ comp attorney so that the correct claim form can be submitted to the insurance company. Since employees may not know the procedure to fill out the form, they may make several mistakes.

Mistakes committed by employees while filling out the form

An injured person may not be in the right frame of mind to fill out a claim form. However, these mistakes can be costly because they can result in the complete denial of the claim. Some of them are discussed below:

Delayed submission

The most common mistake is the late submission of the claim form. It gives the insurance company a chance to deny the claim straightaway. You might not be able to receive any compensation if you file a claim after the deadline has passed. It is suggested to contact your attorney to understand the timeframes. 

Failing to give vital information on medical condition

It has been observed that an employee may not give the right information pertaining to his medical condition such as cause of injury, accident details and pre-existing medical condition if any. In such a scenario, the insurance company may not be able to evaluate the claim properly and hence, will either reduce the claim amount or reject it altogether. 

Failing to submit requested forms

If you don’t submit the right forms to the insurance company, your claim may get rejected. After the claim is submitted to the insurance company for review, it may request you to submit more forms such as witness’s details. If you are unable to provide this piece of information, your claim will get rejected. 

Your claim is not valid

In many cases, the claim is not valid because the injury was not related to the work. These claims may be higher in number because most employees don’t consult any lawyer before bringing them forward. The insurance company assesses your claim with the help of experts and states that it was never a valid one.

To avoid any errors and mistakes in the claim, you must get in touch with a good workers’ compensation lawyer. 

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