Trucking companies must abide by the laws and follow the safety rules to ensure safety on the road. When they put their own interest before road safety, it often results in a devastating accident causing life-altering injuries. 

The sheer weight and size of a truck are enough to leave you with injuries that can affect your life permanently or even cause death. If a truck driver hits your vehicle, you deserve compensation to treat your injuries as well as other damages. Contact a personal injury lawyer Atlanta today. 

Common maintenance violations by commercial companies

  • Lack of training and supervision. 

Truck drivers need special training for their job. All trucking companies are required by the law to conduct proper background checks, perform drug tests, and supervise drivers’ driving before allowing them to get on the road. They must also train drivers accordingly and make sure they know the rules and regulations of the road. Accidents occur when a trucking company fails to train and supervise its staff adequately. 

  • Insufficient tire tread. 

The trucking company is required to check the condition of the tires every time before it gets on the road. When the tires have insufficient tread, it increases the likelihood of the driver losing control over the vehicle due to a blowout and causing accidents. There have been many causes of accidents where bald tires were to blame. 

  • Hours of service. 

The job of a truck driver is never easy. Therefore, it is required that all truck drivers only drive for a specific part of the day and get an adequate amount of sleep each night. Taking breaks in between driving is also mandated by the law. Exhausted and fatigued drivers cause accidents, so lack of adherence to these rules can be fatal. 

  • Faulty lights. 

You may have seen trucks with faulty or missing headlights, turn signals, brake lights, and trailer lights. While this is a common occurrence, it is certainly not safe. Defective or missing lights alter the driver’s ability to see the road and its occupants. It is also illegal to drive without working lights as it poses great danger on the road. 

  • Oil or grease leaks. 

Leaking oil or grease can result in larger oil spills and increase the risks of fires and explosions. Trucking companies are required to check that the vehicle is free of oil and grease leaks. 

An attorney is experienced in gathering evidence for your truck accident case. If a trucking accident has caused you to acquire injuries, contact a personal injury attorney to discuss your case today. 

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