Zhangjiagang Comark Machinery Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the development, research and manufacture of carbonated beverage equipment for more than ten years. The company produces advanced carbonated beverage production equipment for customers, helps customers analyze market trends, design plant layouts. In addition, we also can customize equipment and provide recipes according to customer’s requirements. Here I will introduce the carbonated beverage technology

Carbonated beverages refer to beverages made by adding sweeteners, sour agents, and spices to water, and adding CO2. CO2 gas is usually called carbonated gas; carbonated drinks are what people often call soda. Soda water contains a lot of CO2 gas, which can take away the body’s heat and produce a cool feeling. Therefore, people like to drink soda in the hot summer. It can help relieve fatigue, appetite, and help digestion. It is a good fitness drink for clearing away heat and quenching thirst.

Classification of carbonated drinks according to production materials:

Juice-type carbonated drinks

Carbonated drinks containing more than 2.5% natural fruit juice. There are mainly prong juice carbonated drinks and pineapple carbonated drinks.

Features: It has the unique color, fragrance and taste of fruit. It not only has the effect of cooling off thirst and relieving heat, but also has a beverage effect. Generally, it contains 8%-10% soluble solids, 0.2%-0.3% acid, 2-2.5 times CO2, and is usually a high-end carbonated beverage. Such beverages are mainly cloudy and clear types.

Fruity carbonated drinks

A carbonated drink is that contains less than 2.5% natural fruit juice or uses flavors and fragrances to increase the fragrance. There are mainly lemon carbonated drinks, prong juice carbonated drinks and so on.

Features: It is mainly a variety of fruit-flavored carbonated beverages prepared with sucrose, sour agents, pigments, and edible flavors. It has the effect of relieving cold and summer heat. Generally, the sugar content is 8%-10%, the acid content is 0.1%-0.2%, and the CO2 content is 3-4 times.

Cola-type carbonated drinks

Contains kola nut, coca leaf extract, white lemon or carbonated drinks with its spicy fruit flavor. There are mainly Coca-Cola, Pepsi and so on.

Features: Cola-type carbonated beverages are currently one of the main products of carbonated beverage production in the world. It has a long history and large sales volume. It is a fast-growing variety of carbonated beverages. This beverage is divided into two big category: spicy flavor and white lemon flavor.

Other carbonated drinks

In addition to the above three types of carbonated beverages, there are also salt carbonated beverages, soda and so on.

Characteristics: soda water is good for stomach nourishment, because soda weakly alkaline water can neutralize stomach acid. Soda water is actually carbonated water, and Coca-Cola is the representative of carbonated drinks. Pure soda water is generally bottled and is also a weakly alkaline water. The soda water market has developed rapidly in recent years. Its development trend has surpassed bottled water, and a new upsurge of global soda consumption is about to come.

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