In contrast to regular IT graduates, CISSP has deeper knowledge and skills in dealing with information security threats facing companies. As a CISSP, you can create procedures and guidelines to protect your company from security threats. Specific tasks that CISSP will undertake include developing recovery policies and designing secure IT networks. In addition, they develop security management practices, create cryptographic protocols, and design network systems that are secure from cyber or local threats.

What are the requirements for CISSP certification?

  • For getting the eligibility of CISSP Certification in Dubai Exam, you must have at least 5 years of professional experience.
  • If you are full time professional, you must work at least 35 hours a week for four weeks a month.
  • You can gain one year of work experience if you have a 4-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent or information security advance degree from the NCAE-C or other accreditation from the list of approved ISC2 certification credentials.

Demand for CISSPs Worldwide:

CISSP is a globally recognized certificate for information security. It is an essential certificate for security professionals and complies with ISC (Safe and Secure Cyber ​​World) standards. If you are an IT expert or work specifically as an information security specialist, this certificate is for you. Also managers and executives of organizations who want to prove their knowledge in the field of cybersecurity is a mandatory certificate for them.

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If you are looking forward for advancing your career or seeking a raise, the CISSP is the certificate to help you climb the corporate ladder. As threats in the global cyber world have increased in recent years, the need for information security professionals has also increased significantly. More and more companies are seeking CISSP certified professionals who take care of their information security requirements.

Now let’s see what the requirements for CISSP certification are.

 CISSP Certification Requirements:

When you strive for CISSP certification, make sure you meet the CISSP certification requirements for the CISSP exam. There are no very strict rules or criteria that the CISSP certification requirements meet, but make sure you know them before taking the first step towards this certification.

In this publication we describe the complete requirements for CISSP certification. Also, check if you meet these CISSP certification requirements. This will provide you with an avenue to help you complete your CISSP certification exam preparation with ease.

The CISSP certification requirements are described individually below.

Work experience:

Like many other certifications, the CISSP certification requirements have work experience requirements that you must meet. To qualify for the CISSP exam, you must have at least 5 years of professional experience. And that work experience must be obtained in two or more of the eight CISSP fields. The eight 8 domains are listed below:

  • Asset security
  • Security Operations
  • Security and risk management
  • Security in software development
  • Identity and access management
  • Safety assessment and testing
  • Communication and network security
  • Security architecture and technology

Work experience is a prerequisite for full-time and part-time employees:

There is one more detail in the CISSP certification requirements. If you are working full time to meet seniority requirements, you must work at least 35 hours per week. Also, you have to work four weeks a month to get 1 month of experience.

If you work part time, you can still meet seniority requirements. However, because you are a part-timer, you cannot work part-time for less than twenty hours per week.

To make it easier for you to count the hours, this equates to 6 months of full-time experience if you work 1040 hours part-time. And 2080 hours of part-time work equals 12 months of full-time experience.

Education requirements:

To qualify for the CISSP certification and be eligible for the CISSP exam, you do not need to meet certain educational requirements. However, you can get a one-year seniority waiver if you meet any of the following requirements:

  • Four-year college diploma or equivalent
  • Advanced degree in information security. Must be obtained from the US National Center for Academic Advancement in Cyber ​​Security (NCAE-C).
  • Other identification numbers from the approved ISC2 identification list. This list has a lot of credentials, including some common certificates like MCSE, CompTIA Security+, CISA, and more.

A little about the CISSP exam:

The CISSP exam is on a computer adaptive test (CAT). The CAT test is used to adjust the level of difficulty of the test based on the answers that have been given to the skills and knowledge of the test takers. Therefore, when answering questions during the exam, the difficulty level of other questions will continue to change. The following questions will be more difficult or easier than the previous ones.

The CISSP exam consists of 250 multiple choice questions and you have 6 hours to answer them. To pass the CISSP certification exam, you need to achieve 700 or more, the current CISSP exam costs $549 or $699. These two prices differ depending on whether you do early registration or standard registration. There is also a $50 fee to reschedule your exam.

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