Glass greenhouses are expensive to build compared to other greenhouses and are suitable for use in large ecotourism parks. The glass greenhouse has a beautiful appearance, smooth visual flow, strong wind load and large displacement, which is suitable for areas with strong wind and precipitation.

In addition to heat, there is brightness, an indispensable factor for plants to live and grow.

The greenhouse must have the right light, coming from outside.

That is why one of the most used materials to create these structures is glass . This type of product (safety glass) is used both for the roof and for the walls, and allows to maintain the right degree of heat and humidity , adjustable through special heating systems (if it is not cold greenhouses) and thanks to the possibility to open or close special vents, according to needs.

Install a greenhouse

In China, the greenhouse glass plant building model is divided into span dimensions and opening size, and is divided into different types: vegetable, flower, nursery, environmental, research, three-dimensional, profiled, leisure, smart glass greenhouses and so on. Its area and use method can be freely placed at the holder, the smallest type of recreation in the yard, large height up to 10 meters, span up to 16 meters, opening up to 10 meters, the degree of intelligence can be achieved by key control. The problem of heating glass greenhouses in winter can use several heating methods. Most of the costs associated with energy consumption can be accepted. Energy consumption is lower when greenhouse glass is more expensive.

When building or planting this type of greenhouse, its exposure is the most important factor to consider. Structures should be exposed to the sun as much as possible, which is why they should face south.

Another important element when building a greenhouse is to equip it with a rainwater collection tank from the roof and use it for the greenhouse itself.

Characteristics of glass greenhouses

All gardeners and gardeners think about how to harvest the highest quality and a great harvest. The traditional way of growing plants in greenhouses. One of the high quality and beauty products recognized by glass. In this article we will look at the features and advantages of such greenhouses.

In glass greenhouses in northern China, warming is essential in winter. Each greenhouse requires a different amount of heating. Warming or temporary warming is also necessary in the southern region to plant flowers or grow seedlings.

Why choose glass greenhouses

Once you have established the dimensions and created the load-bearing structure for the greenhouse, the roof must be built. It doesn’t matter if you are replicating an existing wall or building it as a separate room.

The strongest and most durable greenhouses are those made of tempered glass.

Glass greenhouses: Maintenance

Brightness is fundamental for a greenhouse, the walls must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure the passage of light everywhere.

Make sure to keep the hinges of doors, windows, and vents oiled for a functional and well-maintained greenhouse. No matter how large or small your greenhouse is, it is a terrific way to dedicate yourself to gardening all year round, without fear of the excesses of the seasons.

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