Causes for Imbalanced Vata

There are certain situations and things that can cause the vata dominant personality to get out of balance. Though the vata person likes change and movement, in excess, this can cause them to go out of balance. Long commutes to work, frequent air travel, changes in lifestyle, such as change of work place, change of residency, and changes in relationships and friendships; even frequent changes in daily routine can be bad for the vata person.

Cold weather and dry wind also affect the vata person. If they do not have warm showers or baths, and moisturizers to balance this, they will go out of balance. Any situation that is overly stimulating may be of excitement to the vata person, but since they are easily excited, they tend to go out of balance in such situations. Loud noise, big shopping malls, crowded places, flickering lights such as in casinos, abundant advertisements, and simply crowded streets like in NYC, can throw the vata person out of balance.

This also includes excess mental stimulation. Irregular diet, including fasting, eating lots of leftovers, eating at varied times, eating dry food, cold or frozen food, drinking ice cold drinks, as well as caffeine, smoking, drugs, sugar and alcohol are not good for the vata personality. Emotionally challenging situations affect the vata person more than others. Fear, grief, depression, and anxiety-promoting situations will affect the vata person quickly.

If they do not get enough sleep, rest, and quiet time, if they are constantly in stimulating environments, the vata person will suffer. The opposite, such as too much exercise, or unbalanced workouts, with fast movements, that have no rest afterward will also throw the vata person out of balance.

Perhaps the worst in today’s environment is the Internet. A vata person can easily skip between too many open windows on their computer, and easily get distracted with all the stimulations, pop-up windows, and offerings that the Internet can offer

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