LED strips can help change the ambiance of any room. However, they are available in certain lengths and so you may buy one that is longer than what you need. This is where you will be wondering if it’s indeed possible to cut it to the length that you need There are many LED products and brands that are available and whether or not it’s possible to cut any of them is a general question. Depending on the product you must exercise caution. If a brand has a cut line, it’s better that you consider cutting it, and if it doesn’t have, it may be advisable to leave it.

How to Cut LED Strip Lights

Before you start cutting an LED strip, you should first ensure that the strip can be cut; otherwise, you may render it not usable. Also, ensure that you have disconnected the power before you start cutting it, if not, this can be dangerous.

Here are some tips that can help you while cutting LED strip lights.

1. Take the right measurements

Measure the length, since if you cut the wrong one, your effort may get wasted. Understand the length of the room that you want to be covered before you get started.

2. Check for scissors logo

For some brands, the parts that can be cut have a scissors logo. Look for it before you start cutting.

3. Never cut diagonally

You should never make the mistake of cutting the strip diagonally. If you don’t cut straight, the strip may fail to work. 

What you should do after cutting the LED strip

Some strips are manufactured to be cut to a certain length. But you need to ensure that you cut to that specific length according to the marks. These strips normally have tiny parts that are very sensitive, and if they are cut abnormally, the lights may not work properly. After you have cut it, put the strip in the right position and connect to power. Follow the following steps:

1. Ensure that your walls are clean and dry

If you want to attach the LED strip lights to the wall, ensure that you wipe it clean first. Dusty walls hamper the proper operation of LED lights.

2. Paste the light strip

After the wall is clean, tear the super glue that is at the back of the light strip and paste it at the surface that you want.

3. Connect the light strip

An LED strip set has a controller and a connector. Use the connector that is provided to connect the lighting strip to the controller. While completing the connection, you should be attentive to the back and the front side. If you accidentally insert it backward, it will not work as desired. 

4. Connect into the power source and turn on the lights

This should be the last step, and after turning on the switch, you should see the lights on. But in case after you have completed the above steps you don’t see any lights, you need to check again and ensure that you have not made a mistake.

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